Saturday, January 15, 2011

Your Smile, Your Laugh, Your Personality

Your Smile, Your Laugh, Your Personality Signature

While I was clearing up some old papers in my bookcase, I came across some jottings in an old diary I had made more than thirty five years ago probably while sitting in my university library. 
I had scribbled something about types of smiles and laughter.

Your smile (and your laugh) is like your signature – your very own personal imprint, like password or signal. 

Now I want you to to do this:

Keep a mirror in front of you and practice each of the types of SMILES described below

and then

HAVE A LAUGH and observe how you laugh.

Don’t you want to know which type of smile and laugh means what, and which suits you best...?
Come on, get ready, and check it out, and tell us which type of “smiler” and “laugher” you are.

Lip smilers – Smile only with their lips.
Cheesy smilers – Smile with their teeth

Twinkle smilers Smile and Laugh with their dancing eyes
Sweet smilers – Exercise their chubby cheeks
Wry smilers – Know something you don’t
Tee-Hee smilers – Smile with their necks
Body smilers – Smile wholeheartedly with their whole body
And of course you’ve seen the fake, contrived smiles of forced geniality.

And would someone please tell me what is the meaning of: “to smile like a Cheshire Cat” for I have never seen a cat smile but I can tell you that Dogs do smile very often...

Hearty Laughter – All heart
Belly Laughter – Body, belly and heart
Seal Laughter – Barking, high pitch, like a seal
Guffaw – Clearing one’s lungs and windpipe
Giggle – silly, embarrassed laugh
Titter, Snigger, Snicker – mocking laughter
Chuckle – A quiet laugh to yourself
Chortle – Gurgling laughter
We also have a burst of laughter, rolling with laughter, horse laugh, laughing up one’s sleeve (a secret somewhere), and laughing one’s head off.

I am sure there are many more types of smiles and laughter, so Dear Smilers and Laughers, do tell us all you have observed and experienced.

I wonder if one’s personality and character is related to the way a person smiles or laughs...?

Now do enjoy yourself, look around and observe how people smile and laugh, smile and laugh to yourself in the mirror, and draw your own conclusions.




VIKRAM KARVE educated at IIT Delhi, ITBHU Varanasi, The Lawrence School Lovedale, and Bishop's School Pune, is an Electronics and Communications Engineer by profession, a Human Resource Manager and Trainer by occupation, a Teacher by vocation, a Creative Writer by inclination and a Foodie by passion. An avid blogger, he has written a number of fiction short stories and creative non-fiction articles in magazines and journals for many years before the advent of blogging. His delicious foodie blogs have been compiled in a book "Appetite for a Stroll". Vikram lives in Pune with his family and pet Doberman girl Sherry, with whom he takes long walks thinking creative thoughts.

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A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Vikram ji!

appreciate u for ur efforts and hard work... everyday u blog about so many things. Although, i cannot read all, but sometimes, I have to come!

loved this one... and laughed along too!

very true, a lot of things.

My smile goes up to my eyes and i laugh my heart out... when I do :)

loved the types of laughters!! haha

take care

btw: i saw ur mention in TOI magazine some times back, ur views about marriage or double income couples, if i'm not wrong.

Vikram Waman Karve said...

Dear Restless Mind with a Sensitive Heart ( I think that describes me too!)
Yes, it was my quote in the TOI about DINK.
I am glad you like this about smile and laughter. Maybe you can describe yourself better as A Restless Mind with A Sensitive Heart and A Hearty Laugh!
Keep smiling up to your eyes and laughing heartily!
All the Best

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

hahaha! thanks a lot Vikramji!

and nice name u suggested for me!

all sensitive ppl think alike!

stay in touch... tc and regards