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Reward Recognition Respect - Three Kinds of Teachers - The 3 Rs of Teaching

The 3 R’s of Teaching
Reward Recognition Respect

There are three kinds of Teachers.

In the first category are those who teach for Reward
For them teaching is like any other job, a profession rather than a passion, a means of earning their livelihood. They believe that if they teach ‘X’ number of hours they are entitled ‘Y’ salary. For any extra teaching load they expect what the industry bluntly calls overtime and for which academics use euphemisms like honorarium etc.

Then there are teachers who are obsessed with Recognition. They strive for awards, titles, designations, positions, peer recognition, publishing papers, honours, fellowships – being recognised is all about fame. Recognition is not so much about getting credit as it is about being appreciated.

The highest category of teachers are those who win Respect – respect of their students, respect of their colleagues in the teaching fraternity and respect of society. For them respect is one of the most critical dimensions of their life.They are passionate about teaching and are loved by their students on whom they make a lasting impression.
In Which Category is Your Teacher?

So, Dear Reader, the next time you see a teacher, observe carefully and try to analyse in which category he or she belongs – reward, recognition or respect. A Teacher who strives to win respect will always be more student-centric, stakeholder conscious and effective than Teachers who are greedy for rewards or yearning for recognition.
Are You a Teacher?

And if you are a teacher yourself, introspect and see for yourself where you belong and truthfully assess whether your metier is in teaching.  
It is quite simple.

After you finish a lecture ask yourself three sets of questions:
1. Is the lecture something you feel you have done well?
2. Do you feel you teach well?
3. Did you enjoy delivering the lecture?
4. Do you enjoy teaching?
5. Did you feel proud of the way you delivered the lecture?
6. Do you feel proud of the fact that you are a teacher or would you rather be someone else?

If the answers to all the six questions is YES you know you are in the right place, so, Happy Teaching.

Whether you are a teacher, or a student, or a parent, don't forget the 3 R’s of Teaching.
Let me end with a quote from Indira Gandhi: My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition.

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