Friday, January 21, 2011

Business Ethics Lecture Series - Part 35 - CHANGE MANAGEMENT

The Art of Change Management
A Teaching Story
I once read a teaching story called "Slow Death" which encapsulates the art of change management. 

Here is the story for you to read...
If you try to place a frog in a pot of boiling water the frog will immediately try to scramble out.
Now try this.

Gently place the frog in a pot of water which is at normal room temperature and don’t scare him.

The frog will stay put and remain in the water.
Now place the pot of water with the frog on a stove on a very slow fire so that the temperature of the water starts changing very very gradually so it’s hardly discernible.
You may observe something very interesting happening.

As the temperature rises slowly the frog will do nothing.

At first, the frog may show every sign of enjoying himself.

As the temperature gradually increases, the frog will start becoming groggier and groggier until he is unable to climb out of the pot.
Though there is nothing restraining him, the frog will sit there and peacefully boil to death in the water.
Because the frog’s internal apparatus for sensing threats to survival is geared up to react to sudden changes in his environment, not to slow, gradual change.
It’s the same with us, isn’t it?  

This concept is the key to implementing Change must bring in the change so slowly, gradually and seamlessly that it is imperceptible. 

There is one more inference from this story. Conventional wisdom says that one learns from experience but this story debunks this theory and in fact highlights that the fact that the concept of learning from experience is in fact a delusion, a fallacy, and in some cases experience may make you complacent. In fact, for effective change management you must first "empty your cup" and start afresh.

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