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Eating Out in Pune

Mouthwatering Memories


On Sunday afternoon we had a hearty meal at Cafe Good Luck comprising such lip-smacking dishes like Tawa Gosh Green Masala, Jungli Chicken, Tawa Kheema, Roomali Roti, Mutton Biryani, Caramel Custard, Fruit Funny, et al - a truly delicious and satiating meal. 
To celebrate, here is a mouthwatering memory of a foodie adventure I relished a few years ago at Cafe Good Luck in Pune 

If you are famished, do not have too much dough in your pocket, and happen to be somewhere near Deccan Gymkhana in Pune, where would you go to satiate your ravenous pangs of hunger? 
Good Luck - No two ways about it!

You will head for Cafe Good Luck. 
That's what I did one chilly winter afternoon.

And since I was feeling a bit adventurous I did not order my staple Chicken Biryani, or mutton cutlet curry, or even the Tawa Kheema, but decided to try out the exotic sounding Tawa Gosh Green Masala [the Gosh is not the Oh Gosh! type of Gosh but refers to meat or mutton and maybe better spelt Ghosht or Gosht but certainly not Ghost]. Maybe Gosh is okay – for you will say Oh Gosh How Delicious! the moment you take the first bite of the lip smacking gravy.

But then the metier of Cafe Good Luck is food, not spelling – Good Luck is not one of those “literary” coffee houses where you can while away time chatting or doing nothing – Good Luck is a place for serious passionate eating.
I like to see my food being made in front of me it enhances the totality of my gastronomic experience.

That is why I like Dhabas, and street food joints like Bade Miya [Bade Mian], Pav Bhaji, Bhel and Indian Fast Food Stalls, and when invited for a meal by some kind-hearted foodie I try to reach early and peek into the host's kitchen.

Some high-falutin restaurants too, like the Frontier Food specialty restaurant on the ground floor of Maurya in Delhi we used to visit long back, have huge transparent glass partitions where eager patrons can visually relish and savor their food being cooked in the kitchens before it is served to them on the table.
In Cafe Good Luck the Tawa is tucked away deep within the family area inside and I watch in anticipation as the generous mutton pieces, precooked [marinated and boiled], are blended into the freshly sauted green gravy right in front of me on the huge flat Tawa.

I go to my table.
There is an empty plate and a quarter-plate of sliced onions and lemon wedges.
I season the onions with salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

I am going to squeeze some lemon into the gravy too, and later into a glass of water which I will drink on the conclusion of meal to lighten the rich spicy aftertaste. 
The sizzling Tawa Gosh Green Masala arrives with two piping hot chapattis.

I dip an exploratory finger and lick the gravy is yummy and my mouth waters in anticipation.

I fill my plate, squeeze a bit of lemon, and "bash on regardless".

The mutton pieces are large, well-cooked and succulent and there is even a marrow bone piece.

The gravy is lip-smackingly delicious.

From time to time I encounter whole pieces of sabud masala and spices like green cardamom, peppercorn, cloves, garlic, green chilies and strips of crunchy ginger, which add a kick and zest to the taste.
It is an excellent, fulfilling, wholesome meal which leaves me fully satisfied and satiated.

I am glad I was a bit adventurous and deviated from my staple biryani, kheema pav, mutton cutlet curry fare, and enjoyed the tawa gosh green masala.

I am sure going to try out some new dishes, maybe the exotic sounding Jungli Mutton or Chicken, or maybe the Chicken Shahjahan, the next time I visit my good old favorite Cafe Good Luck.

Happy Eating
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