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Experimental Creative Writing – Story Begining (After the Ending)

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In the blog post above  I told you the Ending of the Story. 

Now – here is the beginning and middle... 

Fiction Short Story

New Delhi
Circa 1982  

(NB: This Story happened 36 years ago in 1982. At that time – there were no mobile phones, no internet, no email – nothing. Even landline phones were not given to junior officers like me – and – even in the office – we shared a phone kept in the centre of the office – so there was no privacy at all. So – in the absence of the communication facilities we have today – the best way to communicate with friends was to meet and talk to each other)

Part 1

My “girlfriend” was getting married – to someone else.

It was expected.

We – my “girlfriend” Nisha and Me – we knew that our “worlds” were different – and – it was impractical for us to get married to each other – so – we did not have any unrealistic expectations from our friendship.

So – we kept our friendship at the “platonic” level.

Yes – we are happy as we were – just pure friends – and we did not want to take our relationship to the “next level”.

But – Nisha and Me – we were good friends.

We met every Saturday morning – in the Library – on Curzon Road (now known as Kasturba Gandhi Marg) – and then – after our browsing was over – we would go out for lunch to some place in Connaught Place (CP) which was nearby.

One Saturday morning – the moment she saw me – Nisha said excitedly:

“I am getting married…”

“When…?” I asked.

“My wedding is on the 3rd of next month…” she said.

“So fast…?”

“Yes – everything happened very fast – the “Boy” and his parents came over on Wednesday – and the marriage was fixed…”

“You met the “Boy” only once…?”

“Yes. You know how it is in our society. The elders decide everything…”

“Yes…” I said.

“At least one thing is good – I won’t have to live in a joint family in his village. My “would-be-husband” has managed to get transferred to Delhi – so we will live in Delhi…” she said.

“That’s good…” I said.

I wondered whether Nisha would continue her friendship with me after her marriage – it all depended on how “broadminded” her husband was.

We met again the next Saturday – and Nisha gave me her wedding invitation card.

“I am sorry – but I won’t be able to attend your wedding…” I said to Nisha.

“Why…? You have to come…” she said.

“I have to go abroad on duty for a training course. I have to leave on the 1st – just 2 days before your wedding…” I said.

“Do you have to go…?” she asked – her disappointment was visible on her face.

“You know how it is – I tried my best – but I have to go. But – it’s only for a month – I’ll meet you here in the library on the first Saturday after I come back…” I said.

“Yes – I will be back from my honeymoon by then…” she said.

“Honeymoon – already planned…?”

“Just 3 days in Mussoorie – he has to join duty on the 10th of next month here in Delhi…” Nisha said.

“Okay…” I said.

We browsed in the library for some time – and then we had lunch at Gaylord in CP.

As I said “good bye” to Nisha – I somehow got the feeling that it was the end of our beautiful friendship. 

End of Story (Part 1) – Part 2 will be added soon... 


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