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Experimental Creative Writing – Story Ending First

Here is the Ending of a Story. 

Now – I will write the beginning and middle. 

Fiction Short Story

I looked at the name-plate on the door.

Yes – I was at the right address – Mr. “X” lived here.

I pressed the doorbell.

A young lady opened the door.

I introduced myself – I told her that I had come to meet Mr. “X”.

“Please come in. I am Mrs. “X” – my husband should be back from office anytime now…” Mrs. “X” said to me.

Mrs. “X” welcomed me into her home.

She asked me to sit down on the sofa – and she said to me:

“I’ll just finish off some work in the kitchen. You can watch TV if you want – till my husband comes home…”

Those days – there was only one TV channel – “Doordarshan” – and TV’s did not have a remote – so she walked towards the TV and switched it on.

I looked at the TV Set.

The TV seemed familiar.

Was it the same TV set which I had given to Nisha as a Wedding Gift…?

It was the same brand – the same model.

Of course – many people would have the same model – but – my inner voice told me that it was the same TV set which I had bought from the shop in CP and given as a gift to Nisha on her Wedding day.

So – I decided to make sure.

I looked at Mrs. “X” and asked her:  

“Your TV looks really good. May I have a look at it…?”

“Sure…” she said.

I walked to the TV and I switched it off.

Then – I unplugged the TV wire from the socket.

Mrs. “X” was looking at me curiously – so – I said to her:

“I am looking at some “technical” things…”

I turned the TV around.

I looked at the bottom left corner of the rear cover.

The marking was there.

Yes – my initials – in yellow – had faded a bit – but the marking was clearly visible.

So this was the same TV set which we had given to Nisha as a wedding gift.

I replaced the TV to its original position, plugged it in, and switched it on.

Then – I asked Mrs. “X”: 

“I hope I am not being too inquisitive – but – can you please tell me where you bought this TV…?”

“It came in my dowry…” she said.

“Dowry…?” I asked, surprised.

“Well – I know – no one uses the word “dowry” nowadays – but – my parents gave me this TV as a “wedding gift” – so – I guess it is “dowry” – isn’t it…” she said.

“Oh – so your parents gave you this TV as a wedding gift…?” I remarked.

“Yes…” she said.

“Tell me – by any chance – do you know anyone by the name “Nisha”…?” I asked her.

“Of course – my sister-in-law – her name is “Nisha”…” she said.

“Your “sister-in-law”…?”

“Yes –my brother’s wife – her name is “Nisha”. My brother and Nisha – they got married almost at the same time as us – just a few days before we got married…” Mrs. “X” said.

“What is your brother’s name…?” I asked her.

“Arun – my brother’s name is Arun. By any chance – did your “Nisha” get married to a man called “Arun”…” she said.

I remembered the name on Nisha’s wedding card.

Yes – the groom’s name was “Arun”.

So – Nisha had got married to this woman’s brother Arun.

Comprehension began to dawn on me.

My “wedding gift” had been transferred.

I smiled to myself.

“Anything the matter…?” Mrs. “X” asked me.

“No. No. I was just thinking – it is such a small world – isn’t it…?” Yes – it is the same “Nisha” that I was talking about – she is married to your brother Arun…” I said.

Then – Mrs. “X” looked at me – and she said to me:

“I am just curious. How do you know my sister-in-law “Nisha”…?”

“We were friends…” I said.

“Oh. But – we didn’t see you at the wedding – didn’t Nisha invite you…” she said.

“Of course, she invited me to her wedding. But – I had gone abroad – on duty…” I said.

“Oh…” she said.

Suddenly – the doorbell rang.

Mr. “X” had arrived home.

After we had finished our official “shop talk” – I said to Mr. “X”:

“You have a good TV. I really liked this model…”

“Yes. This TV is a wedding gift from my “in-laws” – my wife’s parents…” he said.

“Dowry…!!!” I said, jokingly.

“Ha – Ha – “Dowry”…!!!” Mr. “X” said – and he broke into a laugh. 

End of Story (Part 3) – Parts 1 and 2 will be added soon... 


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