Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A “Package Deal”

Fiction Short Story

“We kept telling you. You should have gone to an “Immigration Adviser” – but you were adamant on doing everything yourself – so – you didn’t listen to our advice. At least now – you better consult some good Immigration Adviser…” all my friends said to me. 

So – the very next morning – I sat in front of an “Immigration Adviser” – she was a “Kiwi-Indian” woman.

As she went through my papers – I looked at her.

She was a beautiful woman and she looked very graceful and elegant in her formal dress.

I liked the way her hair fell over her shoulders.

I liked her nose, slightly turned up, slender and feminine – as if accustomed to smell nothing but perfumes.

I liked her mouth – small – but with juicy lips – and – I loved her rich, glowing complexion.

She looked very inviting and I was attracted to her.

Yes – she looked so tempting that I could not take my eyes off her.

Maybe – she sensed that I was ogling at her – so she suddenly looked up – and noticing my look of undisguised admiration – she smiled at me – a very sweet smile.

I saw that her eyes were extremely beautiful – velvety, mesmerizing eyes.

“You came to Auckland 5 years ago – on a Student Visa – a Pathway Student Visa. You wanted to settle down in New Zealand using the Student Pathway…?” she asked me.

“Yes…” I said.

“You studied for more than 3 years – you completed 3 courses – one after the other. Why…?”

“I wanted to clock time – and gain New Zealand Qualifications too – to make it easier for me to get Residency…”

“So – you came to New Zealand on a student visa – with the aim of moving to a work visa afterwards – and ultimately gaining permanent residency…?”

“Yes. My ultimate aim is to become a citizen of New Zealand…” I said.

“Yes – that is the aim of all immigrants…” the Immigration Adviser said.

Then – the Immigration Adviser looked at my documents – and she said:

“You were on a Post Study Work Visa for almost one year before you got an Employer Assisted Work Visa. Why did it take you so long…? Didn’t you get a job…?”

“I didn’t get a proper job – I had to do all sorts of work to survive – I had to do even menial jobs – I did cleaning jobs – worked as a petrol pump attendant – washed cars – drove taxis – worked as a pick-packer in warehouses and even in freezing cold storages…”

“But – why didn’t you get a job after all your qualifications…?”

“I realized that all these qualifications were of no use…”

“No use…?”

“Yes – Pakehas (New Zealanders of European Ancestry) – well – “Pakehas” wanted “New Zealand Experience” – and “Kiwi-Indians” wanted to exploit us…”

“I know. It is sad – but immigrant students are being exploited by employers in their own ethnic communities. I have heard of many cases where Indian Immigrants were exploited by “Kiwi-Indians” (Indians who have got New Zealand Citizenship)…”

“Yes. It is terrible. “Pakeha New Zealander Kiwis” don’t want us – and “Kiwi-Indians” exploit our vulnerability – because they know that we want to stay on here at any cost – in the hope of getting long term residency…”

“So – after a wait of one year you finally did get an Employer Assisted Work Visa – with a “Kiwi-Indian” Employer…?”


“It says that you were employed as a “Manager”…”

“That’s only on paper – actually they treated us like “bonded labour” – they made us do all sorts of work – and they even did not pay us the minimum wages…”

“If things were so bad here – you could have gone back to India…”

“How can I go back to India…? It will be a total loss of face for me. I am determined to stay here in New Zealand – at any cost…”

“At any cost…?”

“Yes. I want permanent residency – and then – citizenship…”

“But there is a problem. You have spent 5 years in New Zealand – 3 Years as a student – 1 year on an open work visa – 2 years on an employer assisted work visa – and normally – you should have been given a skilled migrant visa – but sadly – it seems your skills are no longer on the “Skill Shortage List”…”

“So what do you advise…?”

“Well – since you don’t have a resident visa – you will have to go back once your work visa expires…”

“I cannot go back to India – I told you – I want to stay here – at any cost…”

“At any cost…?”

“Yes. Please find some way…”

“There is one way…”

“Really…? Tell me. I am willing to do anything…”

“You can try for a “Partner of a New Zealander” Resident Visa…”

“What…? “Partner” Visa…?”

“If you are the “partner” of a New Zealand citizen or resident – you can apply to live in New Zealand permanently. If you are granted residence – you can live and work in New Zealand indefinitely….”


“So – you will have to find a “partner” who is a Citizen or Permanent Resident…”


“Well – here – they are quite liberal about the definition of “partnership” – but it is better if you are legally married to your partner…”

“Are you advising me to get married to a New Zealander…?”

“Well – you said you want to stay here “at any cost” – didn’t you…? If you try hard – you may find some “Kiwi-Indian” girl who is a citizen or resident. There are some other requirements and formalities – but you leave all that to me. You just find a nice “Kiwi-Indian” girl who is ready to marry you…”

“But – where do I search for such a girl…?”

“Actually – you don’t need to look very far…”

“What do you mean…?”

“I mean – there is no need for you to go in search of a suitable bride – maybe she is sitting right in front of you…” 

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