Tuesday, April 3, 2018

“Smita” means “Smile”

Fiction Short Story

“Your name really suits you…” I said.

“Really…?” she exclaimed.

“Yes. “Smita” means “Smile” – a girl who a smiles a lot – a forever smiling lady – like you…” I said to her.

“Thank you so much…” she said, giving me a sweet smile, which really enhanced her beauty.

We sat opposite each other.

I was looking at her with undisguised admiration.

She blushed – and she said to me:

“You’ve come quite a bit early. Your friend has gone for his Sunday Morning Golf. He should be back by 11:30…”

“I know. I wanted to speak to you. Alone…” I said to her.


“Yes – I want to hear your side of the story…”

“Oh – so you’ve heard the wife’s version – the husband’s version – and now – you want to hear what the “other woman” has to say…”

“Please don’t say that…”

“But that’s what all his Navy friends call me – even worse things…”

“Not me…”

“Yes – you are his only Navy friend who hasn’t ostracized him. Everyone else – even their wives – they treat us like “outcasts” – they have socially boycotted us…”

“He is a good man – very helpful – he was very kind to me during my Navy days…”

“I know. He has been good to me – especially when I was in trouble – he gave me shelter when I was homeless – I will never forget that gesture…”

“Tell me – how did it happen…? How did you move in with him…?”

“I came to Mumbai around 2 years ago – I rented the flat next to his – we were next door neighbours…”

“Was his wife living with him then…?”

“No – she had already gone to the US – to live with her daughter…”

“So – he was living all alone…”


“Then – what happened…?”

“Nothing happened. We were just neighbours – that’s all. Well – being a retired man – he was home all day – so – he would collect my couriers, online-shopping stuff – that’s all…”

“That’s all…?”

“Yes – we had a purely neighbourly relationship. Of course – as we got to know each other better – we would go out once in a while – for shopping, for a movies or he would take me to his club…”

“Oh – so – you were friends…”

“Yes – you can say that. Tell me – can’t a 60 year old man and a 40 year old woman be friends…?”

“Of course…”

“Well – he was a “forced bachelor” – and I was a “single woman” – with no friends in Mumbai…”


“I never married…” she said.

I smiled.

“I know why you are smiling…?” she said.

To Be Continued…

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