Sunday, July 17, 2016

Guilt Purchase – A Love Story

Fiction Short Story

“I wish my husband was like him…”


“That man who just bought that expensive diamond necklace as a gift for his wife…”

“Oh – him…?”

“He comes here so often. And – every time – he asks you to select a gift for his wife – and – you select an expensive item – just to make more profit – and – he just buys it without a second thought – and he gets it gift-wrapped for his wife – with a cute card telling her how much he loves her…”

“Yes – he is a good customer…”

“His wife is so lucky to have such a doting husband – he must be passionately in love with his wife…”

“Well – I don’t know whether he is a ‘doting’ husband or not – but – I don’t think he is ‘passionately’ in love with his wife…”

“What do you mean…? Then why does he buy such expensive gifts for his wife so often…?”

“Guilt Purchase…”

“Guilt Purchase…? What do you mean…?”

“All those ‘gifts’ are a ‘guilt purchase’ – gifts to compensate his ‘guilty conscience’ for his misdemeanors…”


“Many husbands buy expensive gifts for their wives while having affairs with other women…”

“Oh – so it is these ‘guilty conscience’ gifts that you are calling ‘guilt purchase’…?”

“Aren’t they ‘guilt purchases’ – to assuage your ‘guilt conscience’ after you know that have done something wrong…?”

“Oh – so every time you ‘transgress’ – you give your wife a ‘gift’ – to ‘wash off’ your ‘sins’ – that seems to be his motto…”

“Yes – and – the bigger the transgression – the larger the guilt – and the more expensive the gift…”

“Oh – so he seems to be having a terrific affair – no wonder he bought that expensive diamond necklace as a ‘guilt purchase’…”

“Yes – right now he is having a really passionate affair – a ‘terrific’ affair – as you put it…”

“How do you know all this – that he is having a ‘passionate’ affair…?”

“Because I am the woman with whom he is having an affair…”


“Yes. I am having an affair with him right now…”

“Ha Ha – I wonder what married women who have affairs do…? Do they also give ‘guilt purchase’ gifts to their husbands…?”

“Well – I really don’t know what married women who have affairs do – because I am not married – but maybe – wives who have affairs also give ‘guilt purchase’ gifts to their husbands – or maybe – they compensate their ‘guilty conscience’ in some other way…” 

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