Saturday, July 16, 2016

Distrust – A Story

Short Fiction – A Story

“Are you crazy…? You walked out of your marriage immediately after your honeymoon…?”

“Not ‘after’ my honeymoon – I walked out ‘during’ my honeymoon…”

“But why…? What happened…?”


“Distrust…? What do you mean…?”

“Well – I started having some misgivings about her…”


“I was completely honest with her – I told her everything about me – I did not hide anything from her – but – she wasn’t entirely honest with me…”

“What do you mean she wasn’t entirely honest with you…?”

“She hid something from me…”

“She hid something from you…? What did she hide from you…?”

“A ‘Tattoo’…”

“A ‘Tattoo’…? Are you saying that she had a ‘Tattoo’ – and – she didn’t tell you about it…?”


“So what’s wrong with having a ‘Tattoo’…? So many girls have ‘Tattoos’. Why are you making such a big issue out of this…? Do you want to break up your marriage just because of a ‘Tattoo’…?”

“She should have told me about her ‘Tattoo’…”

“I have met her many times – but – I did not see any ‘Tattoo’ on her…”

“Exactly – that is the point…”

“What do you mean…?”

“She has the ‘Tattoo’ at a place where no one can see it…”

“Oh – and you discovered her ‘Tattoo’ during your honeymoon…?”


“So – the issue is not the ‘Tattoo’ – but the place where the ‘Tattoo’ has been inked…?”

“Yes – if she can get a ‘Tattoo’ inked on her body at such a private place – then – tell me – am I not justified in having misgivings about her…?”

“I can understand – but – tell me – what is the precise reason why you left her – the ‘Tattoo’ – the place where she got the ‘Tattoo’ inked – or – is it because she did not tell you about the ‘Tattoo’…?”

“All three – but the worst thing is that she did not tell me about it – and – this raised suspicions in my mind…”

“Oh – and – because of these suspicions and misgivings – you started feeling distrust towards her…?”


“And you could not bear to have ‘trust-deficit’ in your marriage…?”

“You are absolutely right – it is question of ‘trust-deficit’. Tell me – once the ‘seed of distrust’ is sown in your mind – can you live your entire life with a person whom you do not trust…?”

“Yes. You do have a point. Once a relationship is ‘infected’ by the ‘virus’ of ‘distrust’ – it is better to terminate the relationship abruptly and finish it off – rather than let the ‘seed of distrust’ grow inside you – and – suffer continuously by letting the relationship languish – till you are completely destroyed from inside – and the relationship disintegrates and falls apart in tatters…” 

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