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“Love Story” of an “Eligible Bachelor” and a “Nubile Maiden”

A Romance


An Office

Dramatis Personae:

The CEO (“Eligible Bachelor”)

The Front Office Executive (“Nubile Maiden”)

Part 1

Inside the Mind of the “ELIGIBLE BACHELOR”

He is in the habit of flirting with women – and now – the “eligible bachelor” has his ‘glad eye’ on the “nubile maiden” – who is the “front office executive” (a glorified term for what was called “receptionist” in earlier days).

The results are encouraging.

From her demeanor – it is clear that the girl is passionately in love with him – yes – she has completely fallen for him – “head over heels” – as they say.

And why shouldn’t she?

He is a most “eligible bachelor”.

Any girl would fall for a suave successful debonair and dashing young man like him.

An “IIT IIM type” – he is already the CEO of his company – though he is only 45.

The “eligible bachelor” looks at himself in the office mirror.

He likes what he sees – handsome youthful looks  perfectly sculpted body and superb physique.

The “eligible bachelor” says to himself: 

“Chronologically – I may be 45 – but I am so good-looking and physically fit  that  I do not look a day above 30 – in fact  I look as if I am still in my 20’s...

No wonder all the women in my office give me yearning looks and seductive smiles – especially the front office girl (“nubile maiden”) – she always looks at me in an insistent, suggestive sort of way which is worth a hundred compliments...

The “Eligible Bachelor” is sure that the “Nubile Maiden” thinks that he is a “prize catch”.

The “Eligible Bachelor” decides that he must make his move soon.

He must “strike while the iron is hot” – and – romantically woo the “Nubile Maiden”.

Part 2

Inside the Mind of the “NUBILE MAIDEN”

The “nubile maiden” sees the “eligible bachelor” giving her the ‘glad eye’.

The “nubile maiden” smiles seductively at him.

Though outwardly – her lips smile – inwardly – in her mind – the “nubile maiden” says to herself:

“Just look at the way he is ‘line maroing’ on me.

Bloody lecherous scarecrow – can’t he see that he is old enough to be my grandfather...?

The silly old fool is acting as if he were a modern day ‘Adonis’…”

The “nubile maiden” looks at the “eligible bachelor” admiring himself in the mirror.

The “nubile maiden” feels amused  and the “nubile maiden” muses in her mind:

“It’s pathetic – the way the conceited narcissistic joker preens at himself in the mirror.

Doesn’t he realize that he is past ‘expiry date’...?

Does he think that I do not know that he wears a wig over his bald head – and all that fancy cosmetic dentistry can’t disguise his decayed teeth – and no amount of facials can conceal his wrinkles...?

Does he think that all those workouts will mask his sagging muscles – and all those treatments will get back his ‘mojo’ …?”  

The “eligible bachelor” smiles at her.

Watching the “eligible bachelor” smile at her – the “nubile maiden” ponders in her mind:

“The clueless idiot thinks that I have fallen for him – he seems to be sure that I am ‘head over heels’ in love with him – and he is giving me the ‘glad eye’.

Dirty old lecher – he thinks he can have me on a platter...?

Ha Ha Ha – the stupid dolt does not know that he is not going to get what he wants.

But – anyway – for now – I am going to play along – titivate and titillate – to keep his hopes alive – so that he gives me what I want.

And – the moment I get what I want – I am going to dump him and move on…”

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