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Have Defence Officers Lost Their Sense of Humor

Sometime ago – I was a member of a group called HUMOUR IN AND OUT OF UNIFORM (HIAOOU)

Unlike many passive members – I was one of the active contributing members who posted Humour in Uniform Stories regularly.

The biggest joke about this Humour” group was that most members did not have a “Sense of Humour 

One day I posted the Humour in Uniform” story below – and – I was promptly expelled from the group at the behest of some non-contributing killjoys who thought that this story painted the services in a poor light. 

Dear Reader – Please read the story – and – tell me – do you also feel that present day Defence Officers have lost their sense of humour and have become overly sensitive to any criticism, albeit true, even if made in a humorous way...?

A Story for Cadets and Subalterns

The young under-trainee direct entry Sub Lieutenant who had just joined our ship appeared quite dejected. 

Impressed by the sleek navy recruitment advertisements and jingoistic hype  he had quit a corporate job  and – he had joined the Navy.

And now  the truth had dawned on him  that there was a big difference between hype and reality.

Life in the tough prosaic real-world Navy was quite different from the romantic imagery portrayed in recruitment advertisements.

In order to put him in good humour  I told him this famous Mulla Nasrudin Teaching Story called FASHION SHOW:

FASHION SHOW  A Mulla Nasrudin Story

One day Nasrudin went to a prestigious fashion show.

When he returned  his friends asked him how he liked the fashion show.

“They cheat you,” Nasrudin complained, it is a total swindle.

“What are you saying...? The fashion show is a swindle...? They cheat you...? How...? Tell me. How do they cheat you...?” 

“They show you the women – and then  they try to sell you the clothes.”


Do remember this story if you are thinking of job hopping – especially of you are thinking of quitting your civilian job and joining the military – like the Sub Lieutenant mentioned above did.

Remember  metaphorically  Recruitment Advertisements are like Fashion Shows.

Just like Fashion Shows which try attract you by showing you glamorous “women” and then try to sell you the clothes – Military Recruitment Advertisements show you the “glamorous side” of military life and try to recruit you to undergo the tough life in the Armed Forces.

And later   you will be disillusioned when things do not turn out as you had imagined them to be  as portrayed in the advertisements.

Do remember this FASHION SHOW story  especially if you are thinking of a military career  because the real life in the military is tough and hard  and  life in the Armed Forces is not all glamour and adventure as portrayed in recruitment advertisements. 

Do join the Defence Services – but – do so after due diligence – after taking a realistic view – and asking yourself: Do you have it in you..?

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