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Roving Eye and Nubile Nymph

Humor in Uniform 


Dear Reader – before you start reading this story – please make sure that your sense of humor is still intact – this yarn is a spoof  satire  pure fiction  just for fun and amusement  no offence is meant to anyone  so you must take it with a pinch of salt and have a laugh. 

And, yes – this story is for mature adults only  so if you are a kid  or an overly gender sensitive type  please skip this story.

WINE WOMEN and OLQ (Officer Like Qualities)

A Spoof
Adult Fiction – A Tall Story


There is a saying in the Navy: 

If you want to know the true character of an officer – ask his coursemates

Seniors will have one view of an officer – juniors will have another view – but it is his peers who will know the officer inside-out – especially his course-mates who have seen the officer from close quarters from academy days.

So – if you want to know about me – what type of Naval Officer I was – please ask my Navy coursemates – or ask my shipmates  who are of roughly of my seniority  who were my peers in uniform.

However  in the Navy  as far your career prospects are concerned – your character does not matter much.

It is your image (spoken reputation) which matters most.

This is because – unfortunately – in the Navy – your course-mates do not write your all-important ACR (Annual Confidential Report) which is the be-all and end-all Performance Appraisal Report in the Defence Services.

Your ACR is written by your seniors – known as superior officers” in the Navy.

And – as far as your superior officers” are concerned – they will mark your ACR depending on how they perceive you (your image).

So – in a nutshell:

Image replaces Performance.

This dictum is very true in the Navy.

The key to career success is Image Management.

Unfortunately for me – for no fault of mine – owing to series of happenings beyond my control – in the Navy – especially as far as my senior officers were concerned – I developed a rather notorious“ image.

And once you are branded with an notorious image – fate conspires in such a way – that it is a downhill spiral all the way.

Even good deeds boomerang – as this story illustrates.

Dear Reader – before you start reading this story – please make sure that your sense of humor is still intact – this yarn is a spoof  pure fiction  just for fun and amusement  no offence is meant to anyone  so you must take it with a pinch of salt and have a laugh. And, yes – this story is for mature adults only  so if you are a kid  or an overly gender sensitive type  please skip this story.

I am sure you have heard of the three vices: “Wine Women and Horses”

Now  here is a story about “Wine Women and Officers”.

Instead of “horses” we have “officers” – yes  officers in lieu of horses  as they say in the Navy.

The “wine” in the story is not really wine – it is something much stronger – liquor – booze – an alcoholic spirit called RUM.

And – maybe  instead of “officers” – it is more a story about OLQ (Officer Like Qualities).

So – it may be more appropriate to call the story “Wine Women and OLQ”

This happened long back – more than 21 years ago – in the 1990– so you must take yourself back in time – relax – and enjoy this story in a leisurely manner.


There are a few women in the story  but there is only one “main character” – the “heroine” of the story – a beautiful “Nubile Nymph” – let us call her “N”.

The other women in the story are side characters  like “extras” in a movie.

And as far as the male protagonists are concerned – there are 4 Naval Officers in the story:

“C” – The Horny Commodore with a Roving Eye who has the hots for “N” (the “Nubile Nymph”)

“A” – The Ambitious Husband of “N” (the “Nubile Nymph”)

“S” – A Naval Officer  The maverick neighbour of “A” and “N”

To describe “S” in a nutshell – well  let’s say that “S” is more interested in “Wine” rather than “Women”

And  of course  the 4th protagonist is ME – yours truly.

Yes I am the 4th protagonist in this story – the narrator of this story  who is going to tell you the story.

Let’s start with “N” – the heroine.

As I told you – we had nicknamed her “Nubile Nymph”

But  in reality – she was neither “nubile” – nor was she a “nymph”.

In fact – she was very much married.

Also – before you start getting wrong ideas about the “nymph” part  let me tell you that in actual fact “N” was not a sex maniac – she was just a tease – she acted seductive and sexy  just to arouse the Horny Commodore.

Yes  “Nubile Nymph” “N” was a tease – from time to time she gave the Horny Commodore the “come hither look”  which got him all excited.

From the moment she had met him  Nubile Nymph “N” had observed that the Horny Commodore “C” had a “Roving Eye.

“N” had instantly noticed that “C” had the “hots” for her.

“N” knew that she was sexually attractive  and that most men were mesmerized by her.

If “N” had wanted  she could have had the Horny Commodore on a platter.

Yes – “C” was going crazy about “N”  desperately waiting for an opportunity to “steal her affections”. 

But  “N” was not interested in romancing with the Commodore.

“N” was not at all interested in having a full-fledged affair with “C”.

She was interested in furthering her own husband’s career.

“N” knew that in the Navy  a wife’s status depends on her husband’s rank

“N” knew her husband’s limitations.

Her husband “A” was quite a mediocre type as compared to his competitors.

But  “N” had overcome all that by enticing the Horny Commodore “C” by her tantalizing charms.

“N” was an accomplished tease – and she sure knew how to keep men drooling for her.

“N” teased the Horny Commodore “C”  she titivated for him, wearing sexy outfits   and gave him impish looks  and flirted with him  just to keep his hopes alive.

“N” had succeeded in doing this for the last one year – her efforts had ensured that her husband “A” had got the best possible performance appraisal  what they call in the Navy a thumping ACR  from “C”.

Now “N” knew that she had to continue to keep the fires burning in the Horny Commodore’s loins till the Horny Commodore “C” wrote her husband’s next ACR just before the promotion board.

“N” was clear about her strategy.

Once her husband was promoted  and they moved on  there would be a new boss who she would have to work on  to mesmerize and to bring under her spell.

Meanwhile  the Horny Commodore “C” was going crazy.

He had heard wild rumours about stealing affections, wife swapping, swinging and key-chain parties  but all those fantastic orgies lay in his imagination – since in his actual life  he had never seen anything like that happening.

But now things seemed to be looking up  and the way “N” was tempting him  his hopes had been kindled.

The Horny Commodore “C” desperately wanted to have a go at the Nubile Nymph “N”  but he did not have the guts to go ahead.

Of course, in his imagination “C” had wild fantasies about himself rollicking with “N”.

But  in actual life  “C” was unable to realize his fantasies with “N” because he was shit scared of his own lawfully wedded wife who was a shrew and a real tough cookie.

The Horny Commodore’s wife knew of her husband’s proclivity for beautiful young women  especially his officers’ wives  and that is why she kept an eagle eye on him – she let her husband’s eye rove a bit  but she kept her husband in firm check.

The Horny Commodore’s wife let him give Nubile Nymph the “glad eye”  she let her husband “C” flirt with “N”  but otherwise she kept him on a tight leash.

Metaphorically speaking  the Horny Commodore’s situation was akin to a drooling dog desperately yearning for a bitch in heat  but unable to go ahead and mount her  since he is held back firmly on leash by the master.

I told you about “C” (the Horny Commodore).

I told you about “N” (the Nubile Nymph).

Now let me tell you about “A” – the husband of Nubile Nymph “N”.

There are two types of ambitious officers in the Navy.

The first type take their Naval careers seriously from the moment they join the Navy.

The second type of Naval Officers comprise carefree bachelors  who suddenly turn ambitious the moment they get married.

“A” was of the second type.

His wife “N” was the driving force behind him  as far as his career was concerned.

“A” was quite happy with what “N” was doing.

“A” knew that it was thanks to his wife N’s efforts  that he “A” – had become the Commodore’s blue eyed boy.

The Careerist Officer “A” knew that his ambitious wife “N” would help him reach great heights of success.


Now that I have told you about the characters  let me begin to tell you the story.

It was a Monday evening  my non-drinking day  and I was walking along the banks of the lake  enjoying the resplendent spectacle of the orange sun being swallowed up by the calm blue waters.

My reverie was disturbed by “A” who suddenly came behind me  almost dashing me with his scooter.

He wanted some training handbook.

“Hey, I am on my evening walk. The book is in my house. I will give it to you tomorrow in office,” I said.

“I want it urgently to prepare for tomorrow – I have a lecture in the morning,” he said, “I had gone to your house, but your wife told me you would be here.”

Irritated, I went with “A” on his scooter to my house.

I asked “A” to wait outside, and went inside, to my study, to get the book he wanted.

I was disappointed to see him sitting in the drawing room – my darling wife had invited him in.

I gave “A” the book he wanted.

Meanwhile  my wife had got him a glass of water  and asked him whether he would like to have a cup of tea.

“A” looked at his watch  then he looked at me  and he said, “Tea? It’s already past sunset – let’s have a drink.”

“It is my non-drinking day,” I said rudely.

“So what? You can surely offer your guest a drink,” my wife said  giving me a rude look of disbelief at my atrocious social graces and bad manners.

I made him a rather stiff drink of Rum.

“How about you?” he asked.

So  just for appearances  I poured myself a very mild drink of rum and water.

Though I enjoyed my drinks  especially Rum-Paani – the fact was that I was not in the mood for drinking on that day  especially in the company of “A”.

I noticed that “A” was drinking quite fast – he had already finished his first drink  so I poured him one more.

“A” gulped down his second drink too – he drank very fast – down the hatch.

I poured him one more.

I was amazed at the speed at which “A” was drinking.

“A” was drinking as if it was his last day on earth.

Meanwhile  as was his habit  “A” was bumming my cigarettes too  lighting up cigarette after cigarette.

“I am enjoying myself...” said “A”  slurring, drinking and puffing away.

Looking quite drunk  “A” said to me: “My wife does not let me smoke, she does not let me drink, she keeps nagging me – now I am really enjoying myself…”

Suddenly  the cigarette dropped from his lips  and sweat broke out on his forehead.

I knew the signs – “A” was heavily drunk.

In fact  he was terribly drunk.

I wondered what to do.

But  before I could do anything – suddenly – “A” got up swiftly  he staggered out of the house  and he started his scooter  and he drove off.

I noticed that “A” was driving his scooter in a meandering fashion  like a sinusoidal wave.

“Go fast,” my wife said, “and see that “A” reaches home safely.”

I took my scooter  started it  and started driving towards his house.

There was no trace of “A” or his scooter.

Suddenly  I heard a voice calling out to me.

It was “S” – who was the next door neighbour of “A”.

“S” was walking on the road  on his way to the officers mess bar  for his daily evening drinking session  when he saw “A” driving his scooter into a ditch.

As far as drinking alcohol was concerned  “S” enjoyed a much better reputation than me.

If I was a “drinker”  then “S” was a “drunkard”.

But right now  “S” was dead sober.

I stopped my scooter.

We went down into the ditch  and we saw that “A” had passed out  he was dead drunk.

Luckily  “A” was not injured.

We  “S” and me – we both hauled up “A”  and we dragged him up the slope.

“His scooter is still down there,” I said.

“S” said: “Sir  let the scooter be there – I will send someone to retrieve it in the morning.”

“Shall we take him to the MI Room? It think it is best we call the doctor too,” I asked.

“S” looked at “A” – and then “S” said to me: “He is not hurt much – just a few bruises – let’s take him home – anyway the Doctor stays in our block – so  if required  I will call him.”

So  we mounted “A” on my scooter – me in front, “A” in between, and “S” behind holding tightly the limp and lifeless “A”.

It was a most difficult scooter drive – as the dead drunk “A” swung from side to side with “S” desperately clinging on.

Finally  we reached our destination.

It was not even 8 o’clock  and there was quite a big crowd outside the block.

A birthday party was just over  and lots of children  and their parents  officers and their wives – they were all standing there  chit chatting  before they went home.

We  “S” and M– we both lifted the dead drunk “A” on our shoulders  “S” taking the left arm of“A” – with the right arm of the inebriated “A” over my shoulders.

Dear Reader – please try to picture the scene.

Officers, wives, children, servants – all of them watching us carrying a totally intoxicated dead drunk “A” towards his house.

Suddenly  Nubile Nymph “N” came out on her first floor balcony.

Obviously  “N” was shocked to see her husband “A” in this pitiable drunken state  being carried by “S” and Me

It must have been embarrassing for “N” to see her drunk husband “A” being carried by “S” and Me – both of us the two known acknowledged “drunkards” of the place.

Some officers came to help us  and we carried the totally intoxicated “A” up the stairs  and we deposited him on his bed.


Next morning  the Horny Commodore “C” called me to his office.

“C” was furious.

“I know “S” is a bloody drunkard  but I did not expect you to do this,” he shouted.

“Sir, please listen…” I pleaded.

“C” interrupted me  and he started shouting, “Why did you force drinks on “A” and get him drunk? Do you know how upset his wife is? She was so distressed that she rang me up at night  and I had to rush to her place. You buggers had got “A” so badly drunk that he was puking all over the place  and I had to call the doctor. I am very disappointed with you – and as far as “S” is concerned…”

“Sir  “S” wasn’t even there. It was “A” who came to my house. It was “A” who asked me for a drink and then got drunk – in fact, it was my non-drinking day – you can ask my wife – and then when “A” fell off the scooter  it was “S” who helped him out  Sir  it is “A” who is the real culprit – not “S” or me...” I said.

“Don’t give me bullshit,” the Horny Commodore “C” shouted, “I know buggers like you. And I know your bloody dirty game – get a husband drunk and …”

“Sir, please don’t insinuate …” I interrupted angrily.

Seeing my angry tone  “C” held his tongue.

I looked at “C”  and I said to him, “And  Sir  by the way  your blue eyed boy “A” is not a baby who can be forced to drink by thrusting a nipple into his mouth…” 

Then  I angrily left his office without saluting.

That evening  I sat with “S” in the bar.

As we enjoyed our drinks – we laughed at the whole episode.

It was “A” who had behaved like a jackass – and it was we two  “S” and Me  who got a bad name.


Out of the three of us  “A”“S” and M who do you think was most successful in his Naval Career?

You guessed right.

While “S” and Me fell by the wayside  it was “A” who reached high rank  duly propelled upwards in his career by his ambitious wife “N”.

Ha Ha  Roving Eye  the Horny Commodore “C” – maybe he is probably still desperately yearning for Nubile Nymph “N” – even after his retirement.

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