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Are Military Veterans Fit for Civilian Jobs ?

Are Military Veterans Fit for Civilian Jobs...?

Maybe – I should paraphrase this question: 

“Is Military Experience of any use in “Civvy Street”...?

Maybe this apocryphal story will throw some light on this issue...

“FAUJI” LOGIC  How to Appear for Job Interviews
A Spoof

“Fauji” military officer quit the “Fauj” after 10 years service and he decided to try his luck in the “Civvy Street”.

He was 30 years old.

[Most likely  he was a Short Service Commission (SSC) Officer]

The “Fauji” job seeker applied for a vacancy in the industry.

He was duly called for an interview.

The employer asked him: “How many years work experience do you have?”

“20 years...” the “Fauji” job-seeker answered.

The employer observed that the “Fauji” veteran looked relatively young – in fact  his age seemed to be around 30 years.

That is why he was surprised when the young veteran claimed to have 20 years experience.

So  the curious employer asked the young “Fauji” veteran: “Tell me  young man  how old are you...?”

“I am 30 years old... the young “Fauji” job-seeker answered.

“When did you start working...?”

“I joined the Army in July 2005...” the “Fauji” job-seeker answered.

“You joined the Army in July 2005 – and now it is July 2015  that means you have only 10 years service.”

“Yes,” the “Fauji” job-seeker said nonchalantly.

Getting exasperated with this answer  the infuriated employer shouted: “What nonsense is this? With only 10 years service  how can you have 20 years experience...?

The “Fauji” job-seeker answered in a cool and matter-of-fact manner:

In the Army  we work twice the amount as compared to you civilians. In the civilian world  you work 8 hours a day. But in the Army  we worked 16 hours a day – or even more – and – sometimes – on Sundays and Holidays too. We are always on duty 24/7. S in my 10 years service – I have certainly gained 20 years experience – probably even more... 

The employer had no sense of humour.

He could not understand this “Fauji” logic.

Hence  the employer was not impressed by the answer. 

And so  the “Fauji” job-seeker did not get the job.

Wondering why he did not get the job despite his brilliant answer  the “Fauji” job seeker spent the next one year reflecting in deep introspection and contemplation  trying to figure out the reason why he did not get the job.

Suddenly  one day  the “Fauji” job-seeker was enlightened. 

So – he immediately applied for a job at the same place again – and was called for an interview.

The employer  on recognizing the “Fauji” job-seeker  asked him: “So young man  how many years experience do you have now...?”

“One year – I have 1 year experience...” the “Fauji” job-seeker said – without batting an eyelid.

“One year...?  You are saying that you have only 1 year experience ...? Are you crazy or something...?” the dumbfounded employer asked, “Last year you said that you had 20 years experience  and now you say that you have only 1 year experience...”

The “Fauji” job-seeker gave the employer an astute look.

Then  “Fauji” Veteran said calmly:

“Actually – in the Army they make you do the same thing again and again – so  I realized that  I had learnt my job in 1 year  and  after that  I was doing the same thing for the next 10 years. That works out to be 1 year of experience  10 times  isn’t it...?”

He got the job.

Moral of the Story:

1. If your ultimate aim is to work in “Civvy Street” – is there any point gaining experience in the military? 

(I am baffled why some bright youngsters join the military as Short Service Commission (SCC) Officers when they know that they have get back to the Civilian World in 5/7/10 years. Why not join the corporate world/industry directly after graduation?)

2. If you are already in the military and want a good second innings in “Civvy Street” – the earlier you quit  the better for your career prospects in your second innings.

3. The longer you serve in the military – the more unfit you become for “Civvy Street”.

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