Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Horror Story


Read this slowly and carefully. 

Take your time.

Savour every word.

Try to enjoy reading this.

Because this is going to be the last thing you ever read.

 you are not going to read anything else after you finish reading this.

Let me tell you why. 

Because by the time you finish reading this  I am going to finish you off.


You read right. 

You read bloody right!

I am going to finish you off.

You can take my word for it.

I am going to finish you off once and for all.

Murder you in cold blood.

Till you are dead.


Requiescat in pace

Or is it requiescant in pace?  

It doesn
t matter.

Yes – it just does not matter how you describe death.

But one thing is sure.

You are going to rest in peace.

That’s right. 

You are going to Rest in Peace.

Rest in Peace 



You think this is a big joke?

It is not a joke.

 my friend.

This is no joke.

I am going to terminate you.

I have been watching you for many days. 

You are so nice and healthy. 

That is why I have no compunctions 
 no guilt feelings  as I firmly believe that my victim ought to be in good health  since it is barbarous to kill anybody who is weak or of a sickly disposition. 

After you finish reading this 
 just sit back and relax

But don't turn around and look behind you.


I know you can find excuses to hang around your house 
 or your office  or wherever you are reading this  but sooner or later  you will have to have to get up and go out.

 I will be waiting for you out there.

 maybe I am closer to you than that.

 I am in this very room where you are sitting.  

You think of death as something far away  something distant  don’t you...?

It is not...! 

Death is very near 
 very close to you. 

Maybe just behind you. 

Yes  death may be lurking right behind you. Right now!

Believe me. 

I am dead serious. 

Your death is just lurking behind your back.

Do not look behind you. 

Come on 
 Dear Friend. 

Tell me. 

Where are you reading this?

In your office on your PC? 

Or  are you reading this at home  late at night  on your laptop? 

Or  are you reading this outdoors  or while traveling  or on a lazy afternoon  on your smartphone...?

 have you taken a printout and are reading this propped up on your pillow in bed late at night?

It doesn’t matter. 

It just does not matter.

Because I am going to come and kill you the moment you finish reading this.

You can take my word for it.  

If you are home while reading this 
 maybe I am in your house with you right now.

Maybe in this very room  stealthily creeping right behind you  waiting for you to finish the story.

Do not look behind you.  

 I am watching surreptitiously through your office window.

 maybe  I am standing menacingly right behind you  as you sit at your work desk staring at the monitor  waiting to pierce you with the deadly needle of the hypodermic syringe filled with lethal venom  the moment you finish reading this.

Just sit still 
 and keep reading.

Do not look behind you.  

 maybe I am sitting covertly right next to you in the Internet café where you are reading this.

Don’t look 
 Dear Friend. 

Do not

Do not look.

Please do not turn around and look.

Just keep reading. 

Just focus your eyes on this page 
 and keep on reading this.

Maybe  I am waiting outside for you.

But don’t look around. 

Please do not turn and look around.

You will be happier if you don’t know – if you don’t see the needle coming.

So please 
 do not look behind you.  

 wherever you are reading this  rest assured that I am near you  I am very near you  very very near you  watching  and waiting for you to finish reading this.

And then 
 I will silently slither right behind you.

 from the right pocket of my trousers – I will carefully take out the lethal syringe.

Don’t be scared.

You won’t feel a thing.

Maybe just a wee little scratch 
 a teeny weeny prick of a tiny microscopic needle.

And you will die instantly.

It’s much better killing this way – instantaneous, effortless, clean, clinical, painless.

I like it this way.

When I kill people this way 
 they don’t even come to know.

Unless they turn around and look.

So don’t look behind you!

I am warning you. 

Yes  I am warning you.

Just don't turn around and look behind you.  

You don’t believe in the macabre 
 do you?

Do you think my imagination is running wild?

You think that this is just my amateurish attempt at writing a short story  don’t you?

Go on 
 smile to yourself  thinking this is just a joke  a fib, a yarn.

But let me assure you 
 that  this is no joke.

Don’t look behind you

Don’t you dare look behind you.

You don
t believe me?

Okay  don’t believe me – until you feel the gentle prick of the hypodermic needle penetrating deep into your spine.

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