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A Story

It was a typical Arranged Marriage Date – a ‘Boy Girl Seeing kande-pohe Ceremony’ in Pune... (aka ‘Matrimonial Interview’)

The very first question the Boy asked the Girl was: “Do you drink liquor – do you booze…?”

The Girl was shocked – since she had not expected this to be the very first question from the Boy – and she had not ‘rehearsed’ for this question.

But the Girl recovered her wits – and she said truthfully: “No – I do not drink liquor – in fact – I have never touched alcohol in my life…”

“That is good…” the Boy said.

The curious Girl asked the Boy, “Please tell me – why did you ask me this question whether I drink alcohol – and that too right in the beginning…?”

“Because I drink heavily – and we do not want to be a husband-wife team of drunkards in the house – do we…? Just imagine  how disastrous it will be for our children if both the father and the mother are drunkards…” the Boy said to the Girl.

The Girl smiled – and she seemed rather amused.

Then – the Girl asked the Boy, “Can I ask you a Question…?”

“Sure – you can ask me anything you want…” the Boy said.

“Do you know how to cook…?” the Girl asked the Boy.

“Yes – I know how to cook – in fact – I can cook quite well…” the Boy said.

“That is good…” the Girl said.

“That is good…? What do you mean…? Why did you ask me whether I knew how to cook…?” the Boy asked the Girl.

The Girl looked at the Boy and she said, “Because I do not know how to cook – and it will be a total disaster if our children starve – isn’t it…?”

This Boy and Girl are “happily” married for 33 years now.

The Boy gave up drinking long back – around 15 years ago.

But the Girl still does not know how to cook.

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