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Short Fiction
A Love Story

This morning I saw a beautiful woman drying her luxuriant hair in her balcony.

As I admired this lovely sight – I remembered a love story I had written 9 years ago – in the year 2006.

So – let me delve into my creative writing archives and pull out this gentle romance which will bring a smile on your lips.



I fell in love with her hair. 

Long, beautiful, copious, lustrous, her lush jet-black hair cascading majestically, adorning her fair and lovely body, almost down to her knees.

“Ooooooooh,” I sighed longingly, as I looked at her through the powerful binoculars, admiring her magnificent hair, feasting my eyes on her nubile body, thirstily drinking her in passionately, from head to toe, as she walked flamboyantly on Marine Drive.

I focussed, zoomed in on her face.

She was an exquisite beauty - tall, fair and freshly bathed, her luxuriant black hair flowing down her back, her sharp features accentuated by the morning sun, her nose slightly turned up, so slender and translucent, as though accustomed to smelling nothing but perfumes.

I could not take my eyes off her. 

I had never seen anyone so beautiful, so virginal, and so vulnerable.

“Uffffff,” I yearned insatiably, my eyes locked onto her, imbibing, relishing, yearning, craving, totally mesmerized, when suddenly I was rudely shaken out my glorious reverie by vigorous hands roughly trying to grab the binoculars from my eyes and Bobby’s voice shouting excitedly in my ear, “Hey, let me see! Let me see!”

“She is too good, yaar!” Bobby exclaimed, “and just look at her hair – it’s so lovely!”

“Hey, you shameless voyeurs – don’t ogle so blatantly – if they find out you will be up the gum-tree!”  Aditya laughed as he entered.

“She’s really amazing, yaar! Just look,” Bobby said handing the binoculars to Aditya.

“Which one?” Aditya asked, panning the horizon.

“The tall, fair beauty with the lovely long hair,” Bobby said, pointing in her direction.

“That hairy girl?” Aditya asked.

“Don’t say hairy girl’ – do you know what that means...? She is a nubile beauty with gorgeous hair...” I said.

“On yes – she is really a nubile beauty with gorgeous hair...” Bobby said.

“Oh Yes – she is really gorgeous – just look the way she is tossing her beautiful hair,” Aditya crooned with appreciation. 

Then Aditya paused for a moment  hesitating  looking a bit uncertain  and then he said, “I think I have seen her somewhere.”

“Where...?” Bobby and I – both of us – exclaimed in unison.

“Churchgate. I think she works in our Churchgate branch,” Aditya said tentatively.

“What...? She works in your bank...?” I exclaimed in surprise.

“Yes. I think so. I will find out tomorrow – I will try and wangle some work at the Churchgate branch and go there and have a look. She is certainly worth a try,” Aditya said mischievously.

“Hey Aditya – you keep your hands off her – the nubile beauty with gorgeous hair is strictly mine!” I warned.

“It’s that serious, is it?” Aditya ribbed.

“It’s the thunderbolt – Love at first sight!” Bobby laughed, “You should have seen the way he was lapping her up!”

“Then we will have to do something, isn’t it? An intro, maybe a date! Let’s see,” Aditya promised.


Heads turned as we entered the restaurant. 

I felt the natural pride of possession that any man feels when he has the company of a woman that other men desire.

We sat down and talked. 

I found that she was easy to talk to. 

I experienced a strange feeling of elation. 

In these moods  there was so much to say – the words simply came tumbling out.

I told her everything about myself. 

She was a good listener. 

Time flew. 

I soon realized that she was looking at me with undisguised affection. 

There was a conspiratorial look in her expressive eyes; at once inviting and taunting, and she radiated an extraordinary magnetic allure that had me awestruck.

She knew that it was her gorgeous hair that was her piece de resistance, the quintessence of her persona, the key facet of her loveliness, her attractiveness, her exquisite beauty, her captivating aura; and she used it with enthralling effect.

She would let her silky fragrant hair fall on her face. 

Then in a most fascinating manner she would tantalizingly toss her hair back with a titivating flick of her hand, arching her eyebrows most sexily as she seductively preened her slender neck. 

I sat in front of her, mesmerized. 

I could not take my eyes off her. 

I had never seen anyone so beautiful, so irresistible, so appealing.

I was madly in love with her – her teasing eyes, her nubile body, her captivating persona  but most importantly  her gorgeous hair!


I was so confident she would say “Yes” that I had a diamond engagement ring ready in my pocket when I proposed to her, as we held hands, sitting by the sea on Marine Drive, viewing a romantic sunset.

She turned down my proposal in one word – she just said: “No”.

“Why?” I asked, devastated.

“Your hair,” she said, “look at your hair – you are already greying!”

“No – I am not greying,” I said firmly, “I am sure that I do not have even a single white hair!”

“Yes, you do,” she said, “go home and have a look in the mirror.”

And as she said this  maybe to drive home her point  she sensuously caressed her beautiful lush black hair with her lovely hands.

That night I did not look at myself in the mirror. 

I cried – I wept in my pillow  I was dismayed, wounded and shattered by the rejection. 

Next morning I carefully examined my hair in the mirror.

I found just one infinitesimal strand of grey hair  barely visible – but she had noticed that one small grey hair on my head – yes her discerning eyes had noticed that mere hint of grey – which had spelt my doom.


Ten years later  I ran into the same beautiful woman with luxuriant hair in a shopping mall at Aundh in Pune. 

She looked chic.

Yes – she was the same nubile beauty with gorgeous hair.

It was as if 10 years had not passed – at least for her.

She smiled at me and I was struck by the thunderbolt of love once more.

As I looked at her  I felt that recognizable mingling of ineffable yearning and intense desire.

I realized that even after all these years  I was still desperately in love with her.

Her beauty had enhanced with age. 

And yes  it was still her exquisite gorgeous luxuriant hair that was her crowning glory. 

Even after so many years  her magnificent lush hair cascaded luxuriously down her sumptuous body  almost to her knees  and it was still as jet-black, lustrous and alluring as before.

And my own hair had turned almost totally grey! 

In fact – now  my hair was mostly white  with just a few black strands.

“You look lovely,” I said.

“Thanks. But you have …”

“Prematurely greyed...” I completed the sentence.

She caressed her beautiful dark hair, tossed it.

“Coffee?” I suggested.

“Okay. Let’s finish our shopping first – then we can meet in the coffee shop at the entrance.”

She was waiting for me in the coffee shop.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” I said, “Cappuccino...?”

“I have already ordered for both of us. Cappuccino and Black Forest Pastry – like we used to have in Mumbai,” she said.

“How come you are in Pune?” I asked.

“I changed my job,” she said, And what are you doing in Pune...?”

“I have been here in Pune for eight years now. I have a place in Aundh,” I said.

“Aundh? That’s great – I too live there – just settling in. Maybe you can give me a lift,” she said.

We dumped our shopping bags in the rear seat.

As I drove with her sitting beside me  I could not resist admiring her enchanting hair.

“Hey  I have to get off here,” she suddenly said.

“Here...?” I said slowing down the car  and steering the car left towards the footpath.

“That’s where I stay...” she said  pointing to a posh building.

She got out of the car  closed the front door  opened the rear door  picked up her shopping bag  gave me a smile and wave of thanks  turned around and walked away  her luxurious hair cascading around her shapely figure like a silky waterfall.


“What is this..?” my wife shouted from the kitchen.

“What...?” I asked.

“I sent you to buy coffee, tea, spices, grocery items – and look at the things you have brought...” my wife said.

“Stop nagging me – I have brought all the items exactly as per the list you gave me...” I said.

“Hair Dye – a pack of Black Hair Colour Gel – Hair Brush – You have bought a complete hair colouring kit…” my wife said.

“What are you saying...?” I said.

“Have you suddenly decided to colour your hair...? I thought you were against using hair dye – and now you have bought a complete hair colouring kit...” my wife said.

I rushed to the kitchen  and I saw my amused wife take out the contents of the shopping bag one by one. 

She had laid out the hair colouring kit on the table.

“Oh My God – she picked up the wrong bag.” I exclaimed.

She...? Who is this ‘SHE’...?” my wife asked arching her eyebrow.  

So I told my darling wife the whole story.

Yes – I told my wife the whole story – right from the beginning – from start to finish. 

Then  my wife and me  we had a good laugh.

“You must return her bag...” my wife said mischievously. 

“She lives in Aundh. I have seen the apartment block. It will be easy to find her place. Let’s go now...” I said.

“You want me to come with you...?” my wife asked, a bit surprised.

“Of course I want you to come – don’t you want to see the girl who dumped me because I had one small grey hair...?” I asked my wife.

My wife looked at me naughtily and said: “Oh Yes  I am dying to see your beautiful girlfriend with her magnificent lush “jet-black” hair. But you be careful – we dont want a rekindling of your hair-raising romance  or do we?”

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