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Short Fiction Story  A Romance

From my Creative Writing Archives:

5 years ago, when I began living in Wakad, one morning, while on my walk, I saw some pretty Techie Girls rushing to work towards the InfoTech Park in Hinjewadi.

As I watched and walked, this story germinated in my mind, and I went home, wrote it down and posted it on my creative writing blog. 

I wrote this story in one sitting, in less than one hour.

This morning, when I saw pretty Techie Girls rushing to work, I remembered this story I had written 5 years ago. 

I thought I will delve into my creative writing archives, pull out the story, and post it once more for you to read.

Chic Lit  Flash Fiction  call it what you like. 

Do tell me if you liked the story...  

TECHIE GIRL FROM HINJEWADI – A Romance by Vikram Karve

Every working day, sharp at 8 o’clock in the morning, a smart young girl of 24, a Software Engineer, leaves her chummery, a flat in Aundh which she shares with her colleagues, and walks down to Bremen Chowk to catch her company bus which takes her to her workplace in the IT Park at Hinjewadi in Pune.
This morning she does something different.
She leaves her flat at 8 o’clock, but instead to walking towards Bremen Chowk, she walks in the opposite direction towards Parihar Chowk and gets into a Volvo Bus going to Mumbai.
Half way towards Mumbai, while the bus crosses the Khandala Ghats, the smart young girl calls up her boss on her cell phone and tells him that she is unwell and could he please give her the day off to which her boss readily agrees.  
At 11:30 in the morning, she sits in a plush office, opposite her fiancé, a smart young entrepreneur, who’s made it big, and who owns an ITES company with business all over the world. 
They have been engaged just a week ago.
“What a surprise…!” the man says, “you should have rung up. I would have taken the day off…”
“Sorry…but I decided to come at the last moment…”
“Anything urgent…?”
“Yes…I want to tell you something…I wanted to tell you about it when we met before our engagement itself but my mother told me not to tell you…”
“Your mother told you not to tell me…?”
“Yes…she thinks you may break the engagement… but I believe that there is no place for secrets between husband and wife…!”
“Yes…I’ve told you everything about myself…but there is one thing I have not told you…”
“I was in love with someone…”
“Oh…a boyfriend…”
“It was more than that…”
“More than that…?”
“We eloped…ran away from home together…to get married…but they tracked us down the next morning…”
“When did this happen…?”
“Just after I finished my engineering…during my first job…three years ago…in Delhi…”
“Please don’t think anything…actually nothing happened…it was just infatuation…we ran away on a bike to Gurgaon…stayed for a night at a hotel…and next morning we were caught and taken back to our homes…believe me, nothing happened…nothing…absolutely nothing…I have not even seen the boy since…they sent him abroad…to America... to the states…”
“And they sent you to Pune…?”
“Yes…they told me to apply for a transfer to Pune…where no one knows all this…”
“So your parents told you to hide all this from us…?”
“Mainly my mother…but I swear…nothing happened between us…it was just puppy love…I am still a …”
“Okay…okay…” the man interrupted, “I really appreciate your honesty…it is good you told me…but I already know all this…”
“You already know all this…how?”
“Yes…we found out everything about you...we got a background check done…”
“Background check…?”
“Just a pre-matrimonial enquiry…”
“Pre-matrimonial enquiry…detectives…you put detectives after us…to check up on my past…?”
“Come on…it’s not that serious…just a small discreet verification…that’s all…”
“I am calling it off…!”
“Our engagement… it’s off… cancelled… I am breaking off our engagement…here… take this… take back your engagement ring…” the girl says angrily and she takes off the diamond studded engagement ring from her finger and keeps it on the table.
“Don’t be crazy…!” the man shouts, getting up from his seat across the table.
The young woman also gets up from her seat, looks into the man’s eyes, and says firmly, “No…it’s final…I cannot marry a man who does not trust me…!”
And with these words, the smart gutsy young woman turns around, briskly walks out of the man’s office.

She takes the lift to the ground floor, leaves the building and takes a cab to the Volvo Bus Stand.

There she boards the Volvo Bus back to Pune.
The moment she sits in the bus she deletes the man’s number from her cell phone.

She switches off her mobile phone and puts it in her purse.

Then she looks out of the window and enjoys the journey back to Pune admiring the picturesque refreshing green scenery of the Sahyadri Ghats.

And then it begins to rain.

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