Monday, April 27, 2015

ARE YOU AN “ACHIEVER” – The Meaning of the Term “ACHIEVEMENT”


I like the definition of the term ACHIEVEMENT by the late Bernard Haldane.

He says:

 “achievement is something you yourself feel you have done well, that you also enjoyed doing and you felt proud of”

In other words achievement means that you are looking for an accomplishment that gave you three pleasures:

1. Enjoyment while doing it

2. Satisfaction from the outcome

3. A sense of Pride

That does not mean you may not have sweated as you did it  or hated some parts of the process  but it does mean that basically you enjoyed most of the process. 

The pleasure was not simply in the outcome  but along the way as well.

Now ask yourself: What do you want to “achieve”?

What do you understand by the term “achievement”?

Let us examine the definition of Achievement by Bernard Haldane once more:

Achievement is:

1. Something you yourself feel you have done well

2. Something that you also enjoyed doing

3. Something you felt proud of doing

Achievement is an accomplishment that gave you enjoyment while doing it, satisfaction from the outcome and a sense of pride.

Close your eyes  reflect on the meaning of the term achievement  and ask yourself: 

Are you “achieving” anything in your present career or job ? 

Or better still  ask yourself: 

Are you achieving anything in your life ?

If the answer is “Yes” – then you can call yourself an achiever

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