Tuesday, April 7, 2015

SHARED PARENTING – Humor in Marriage



Nowadays  modern couples talk of shared parenting

Well here is a Mulla Nasrudin Story on the art of shared parenting:

Late one night  Nasrudin’s baby started crying. 

Nasrudin’s wife turned to him and said, “Husband  go take care of the baby. After all  the baby is not only mine  the baby is also half yours.”

Nasrudin sleepily remarked, “Yes  half of the baby is yours  and half of the baby is mine. You can do what you like and stop your half from crying  if you want to  but as far as I am concerned  I choose to let my half continue to cry.”

Moral of the Story:

Too much “shared parenting” leads to confused upbringing

Wishing all Parents and would-be Parents  - a very Happy Unambiguous Parenting.

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