Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Ramblings of a Retired Veteran

It has become a fashion for Military Officers to blame Civilian Bureaucrats for the problems faced by ex-servicemen (Retired Military Veterans).

Why can’t the Military look after its own Veterans?

Why can’t each Defence Service Chief take on the responsibility to look after the welfare of Veterans of his own service?

(The Army Chief can look after his retired armymen, the Navy Chief can care for his retired navymen and the Air Chief can do likewise in respect of retired air-warriors)

Why have Senior Military Officers in Service Headquarters “passed the buck” of ex-servicemen’s welfare to Civilian Bureaucrats in the Ministry of Defence?

Instead of assuming responsibility for the care and welfare of their own veterans, why has the military “outsourced” ex-servicemen’s welfare to the civilian bureaucracy?

Metaphorically, it is like modern day children who “pass the buck” of looking after their parents to “old age homes”.

In the same way, are serving military officers (“children”) passing the buck of looking after their own retired veterans (“parents”) to civilian bureaucrats (“old age homes”)?

If you want to evade responsibility of looking after your own veterans and if you “outsource” this task to someone else, then you have no choice but to accept how that someone else (to whom you have passed the buck) treats your veterans.

Instead of constantly carping about the neglect of military veterans (ex-servicemen), would it not be better if the military accepts total responsibility of ex-servicemen’s welfare and looks after the welfare of its own veterans?

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