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A Mulla Nasrudin Teaching Story

Are you a person who bears a grudge against anyone who has wronged you?

Or do you forget things and move on?

If you are a grudge holder, then here is a Mulla Nasrudin Story for you:

Mulla Nasrudin’s boss was a tyrant and a sadist.

In contrast, Nasrudin was a very meek and obsequious person.

The boss used to scold, bully and harass the servile and docile Mulla Nasrudin. 

The boss had made Mulla Nasrudin’s life miserable.

One day the boss suddenly died of a heart attack.

Just before his funeral all members of his staff went to pay their last respects to the departed soul.

Suddenly Nasrudin picked up a big stone and threw the stone at the dead body of his boss.

Everyone was shocked and surprised at Nasrudin’s strange behaviour.

They all asked Nasrudin why he had behaved in such a despicable and unbecoming manner.

Mulla Nasrudin calmly explained:

“All these days I was carrying a stone in my heart. Today I have cast it out.”


Do you carry such “stones” in your heart?

Are you filled with “stones” of bitterness, “stones” of regret, “stones” of ill-will, rancor, resentments, acrimony, “stones” of vengeance and revenge?

Remember, you are bearing the burden of all these “stones”  you carry within you and this will cause you bitterness and pain. 

What is the need to hold grudges?

Bearing a grudge is like carrying a stone in your heart.

Whatever is causing you bitterness inside, just get it off your chest right now, once and for all.  

Just throw out all these “stones” right now and forget about them.

Then move on in life with a clean slate. 

Once you have cast out all the “stones” from your heart.

Once your heart is clean, just experience how light and joyful you feel. 

It is true:

The Less “baggage” you carry inside, the better your journey of life

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