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FOOD REVIEW - DUM DUMAADUM – My Favorite Home Delivery Food in Wakad Pune

DUM DUMAADUM – My Favorite Home Delivery Food in Wakad Pune
Food Review

Three and a half years ago, after my retirement, I relocated to my home in Wakad near Pune.

Being a “foodie” I was most disappointed to see that there was not even a single decent value-for-money family restaurant in Wakad.

Even now whenever we feel like having a Dosa in decent surroundings, my wife and I head to Tamanna at Hinjewadi, or to Shivsagar at Aundh).

However, there were a few restaurants which provided home-delivery of food – and this was the best option to “eating out”.

It was while exploring various “home delivery” joints that I chanced upon “DUM DUMAADUM”.

And since then, “Dum Dumaadum” has become one of my favorites.

The food is good, the menu has a fair variety of dishes, the service is quick and the prices are reasonable.

“Dum Dumaadum” has proved to be quite a boon when guests suddenly land up demanding a meal – you order, and they deliver quickly, and the food is appreciated by all.

The menu focuses on North Indian Cuisine, with the ubiquitous “Chinese” option.

My favorite is the Dum Biryani (they have a signature “Matka Biryani” too which is superb).

It is a tasty biryani – not too spicy, not too oily – and quite fulfilling, though I miss the “potato” which is must in authentic biryani.

I love the Tandoori Chicken which is deliciously mouthwatering – this is also a “must order” dish.

Of the curry dishes, the Zafrani Butter Chicken deserves special mention.

In fact, Butter Chicken is the only curry dish I like from the menu – I found the other curry dishes too spicy for my liking.

There is Chinese Cuisine and a variety of starters on the menu which are pretty good.

There are vegetarian dishes on the menu too, but then “Dum Dumaadam” is essentially a non-vegetarian’s delight.

Recently, they have added Rolls and Wraps, and pulao too, all of which I will try soon.

I see from the home delivery menu that, in addition to their Wakad outlet, “Dum Dumaadum” has opened many branches all over the western suburbs of Pune, in Aundh, Baner, Pashan, Bavdhan, Kothrud, Karvenagar, Warje etc, and there is an outlet in Navi Mumbai at Khargar too.

So, if you are looking for a tasty home delivery meal at reasonable rates, try “DUM DUMAADUM”.

For more details about “Dum Dumaadum” just click the link below:

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