Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Humour in Uniform


When I was a young naval officer I was very fond of drinking and loved to try out different types of liquor.

Whenever my sailors went home on leave, out of courtesy they used to ask me: “Sir, should I get anything for you from my hometown?”

“Get me a bottle of the local liquor,” I would answer.

The sailors would be surprised by my request, but they would never forget my unique request, and the moment they returned from leave, a bottle of the choicest local liquor would be ready for my “perusal”.

Sailors brought me all sorts of liquor – feni, arrack, tharra, narangi, santara, nimboo, all kinds of desi daru – mostly the local country liquor (or to use a euphemism “Indian Made Indian Liquor” or IMIL)

My Chief EAR was from Rajasthan and he brought me a bottle of KESAR KASTURI

“Kesar Kasturi” was the most delicious liquor I had ever tasted.

As advised, I sipped it neat – no water, no soda, no “contamination”.

Once I started sipping, I just could not stop.

I had never savoured a liquor so tasty, so flavorsome and so smooth.

I don’t remember when I passed out – but I woke up next morning still sitting on the chair in my cabin, with the empty bottle of Kesar Kasturi in front of me.

I realized that Kesar Kasturi was quite a potent drink, and, because it tasted so delicious, it got imbibed so easily.

Come on, you “pongos” and connoisseurs out there – I am sure you have had much more memorable experiences with even more exotic liquors – do tell us all about it.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your story! Any idea whether I can buy Kesar Kasturi in the United States? Can I order it online for delivery to the United States? I would love to acquire a bottle to celebrate my friend's birthday :-)