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Humor in Uniform - DOCTOR IN UNIFORM


Humor in the Army Medical Corps (AMC)
A Yarn

A fellow naval officer once took his 3 year old daughter to the IAT Pune MI Room.
(MI Room stands for Medical Inspection Room – that’s what they call a medical clinic in the Army and Air Force. In the Navy, an “MI Room” is called a “Sick Bay”).
Those days there was a lady doctor, a Major of the AMC, posted in IAT Pune as Medical Officer.
The officer’s small daughter had severe loose motions (diarrhoea).
The moment he entered the lady doctor’s office, the lady doctor looked up at my friend's face and shouted at him: “Why are you coming here and disturbing me? How many days SIQ (Sick in Quarters) do you want? Just go to the office, tell the attendant whatever SIQ you want, and take the SIQ slip from there.”
The stunned naval officer told the lady army medical officer: “Nothing is wrong with me. I don’t want SIQ.”
“Then why have you come here to the MI Room?” the “fauji” lady doctor asked him.
The naval officer pointed to his 3 year old daughter and said, “My daughter has got loose motions.”
The lady army medical officer looked down from the officer’s face to his tiny daughter holding his hand and standing below him.
Suddenly, the lady medical officer got excited and said, “Loose motions can be very serious – especially in children. You must take her to the Military Hospital (MH) immediately. I will call the ambulance and fill up her hospital admission form. You rush and take her to the Military Hospital Khadakvasla - or better still you take her to Command Hospital Pune - there will be some child specialists over there.”
Later, at a party, the “fauji” lady doctor tried to rationalize her actions: “You see, most of the army officers here have come to IAT for a training course after a hectic field posting. They want to relax over here with their families and enjoy this peace tenure. So they mostly come to the MI Room for SIQ chits.”
We nicknamed the “Fauji” Doctor in Uniform as: “SIQ Medical Officer”

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