Friday, December 27, 2013



There was a time when Petty Officers were the backbone of the Navy.

Now, with all those “cadre reviews” and accelerated promotions resulting in a proliferation of Petty Officers in the Indian Navy, the significance of the “Petty Officer” rank has probably been diluted so much that now Chief Petty Officers, Master Chief Petty Officers or even Junior Officers are doing what Petty Officers are supposed to do.

Here is something I came across while surfing the internet on “What Makes a Good Petty Officer”.

(A Quote by Admiral Arleigh A. Burke USN)

“Good Petty Officers know what their uniform, their Navy, and their flag stands for.

They are proud members of the best fighting organization in the world.

Good Petty Officers are concerned with their Sailors’ individual welfare and their future.

They pat their Sailors on the back when they do well, and give them hell when they need it.

That way they make better Sailors and make progress.

They teach their trade.

They encourage.

They inspire.

They are consistent.

They are competitive.

Their outfit is the best.

They assume responsibility.

They give their Sailors responsibility.

They pass the word.

They create team spirit.

Good Petty Officers put their hearts and souls into their work.

They radiate enthusiasm and spark.

They know the Navy.

They know their rates, and they genuinely appreciate what they know.

Good Petty Officers recognize that success comes from the effort of a larger number of people, not just one or two.

The whole organization has to function well, not just a few members.”

~ Admiral Arleigh A. Burke USN

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