Sunday, December 15, 2013



Mulla Nasrudin asked his neighbour if he could lend him a pot for cooking.

The neighbour gave him a cheap dented aluminium pot.

The next day Nasrudin returned the pot along with a brand new aluminium smaller pot.

“But I gave you only one pot,” the neighbour said.

“Your pot had a baby!” Nasrudin explained.

A few days later Nasrudin again went to his neighbour and asked to borrow a pot.

This time the neighbour eagerly gave him an expensive ornate vessel made of pure silver.

When Nasrudin did not return the pot for a long time the neighbour asked for it.

Nasrudin replied with a sad look of condolence on his face: “I am sorry to inform you that your pot died. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.”

“What nonsense! How can a pot die?” the neighbour demanded.

“What can be born can also die, isn’t it? If a pot can have a baby, a pot can also die, isn’t it?” Nasrudin concluded.

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