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Watch Dog Guard Dog Lap Dog  -  Which One Do You Want ?

Basically, a Pet Dog can be a Watch Dog, a Guard Dog or a Lap Dog 

Yes, there are three basic types of pet dogs: 



3. a LAP DOG


WATCH DOG will bark first and may or may not bite or attack. 

Even if the dog attacks the intruder it will do so after giving adequate warning by barking so that the intruder has a chance to back off.

The job of a Watch Dog is to bark and raise an alarm when a stranger enters your house or property. 

In fact, even many small breeds make great watch dogs.


GUARD DOG will attack the intruder immediately.

Good Guard Dogs bite first and ask questions later. 

The job of a Guard Dog is to look intimidating and act in a ferocious manner and be ready to protect his family and territory if the need arises by attacking any trespassers.


Both Guard Dogs and Watch Dogs bark to alert their owners of an intruder’s presence and scare away the intruder. 

The Watch Dog’s job ends here.

But the Guard Dog is capable of attacking the intruder should he trespass. 

A Guard Dog means business and will attack and bite trespassers.

Some breeds are excellent Watch Dogs but not good Guard Dogs. 

This is because they bark loudly to alert their masters of intruders but are not aggressive in nature and are not given to assertive behavior. 

Watch Dogs will Bark but they will hesitate to attack and bite when required to do so.

Guard Dogs protect by attacking and biting intruders whenever required. 

That is why Guard Dogs must look tough and menacing and be ferocious in nature and they must not hesitate to attack a trespasser. 

Watch Dogs must raise an alarm and frighten off the trespasser. 

Even small but attentive dogs may function well as Watch Dogs.


A LAP DOG is an adoring pet who would gladly spend the entire day in his owners lap. 

Lap Dogs are cuddly and affectionate.

Many dog owners who pine for love prefer to have a Lap Dog.

So which type of pet dog do you want - a guard dog, a watch dog or a lap dog?

Remember, when you select a puppy, take care that you select the right breed for the type of dog you want, for the cute puppy may actually turn into a ferocious dog.


I prefer the all-in-one dog which performs all three roles - the robust tough INDIAN HOUND (aka Mongrel or Stray Dog). 

If you want a hardy dog it is best to adopt a rescued puppy, immunize it, keep it clean, train it properly and care for it well. 

I assure you that this all-in-one Indian Hound will prove a better pet than most of the high falutin foreign breeds.

You can take my word for it - Here is a picture of my all-in-one pet girl Sherry

Sherry on Guard Duty

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