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LOST IN TRANSLATION - Part 1 - HOW TO DEBATE - Part 1 - A Mulla Nasrudin Story

Part 1
A Mulla Nasrudin Teaching Story
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A renowned foreign scholar and his entourage were passing through the town where Mulla Nasrudin lived.

The scholar was felicitated by the City Council and Prominent Citizens of that town.

During the felicitation ceremony the foreign scholar said he wanted to have an intellectual discussion with the knowledgeable person in the city.

Now the members of the city council wanted to have some fun, so they immediately summoned their Town Jester – the  “wise fool” – Mulla Nasrudin.

As the news spread, a large crowd gathered to witness the “battle of wits”.

Now the foreign scholar did not speak the local language and the rustic Nasrudin could not understand or converse in the foreign scholar’s language.

So the two wise men tried to communicate with each other non-verbally in sign-language, while the audience looked on with fascination.

The foreigner, using a stick, drew a large circle on the sand.

Mulla Nasrudin took the stick and divided the circle into two.

Then the foreigner drew a line perpendicular to the one Nasrudin had drawn and the circle was now split into four quarters.

He motioned to indicate first the three quarters of the circle and then pointed to the remaining quarter.

In response to this Mulla Nasrudin made a swirling motion with the stick on the four quarters.

Then the foreigner made a bowl shape with two hands side by side, palms up, and wiggled his fingers.

Nasrudin responded by cupping his hands palms down and wiggling his fingers.

The foreign scholar then bowed his head in deference before Mulla Nasrudin.

Mulla Nasrudin smiled at the foreign scholar and then he walked away.

Later the renowned foreign scientist explained the intellectual encounter to the city council.

“Mulla Nasrudin is truly a very learned man and we had a very fruitful discussion,” the foreign scholar said,

“I told him that the earth was round and he told me that there was the equator in the middle of the earth.

I told him that the three quarters of the earth was water and one quarter of it was land and he said that there were undercurrents and winds.

I told him that the waters warm up, vaporize and move towards the sky, and in reply to that, he said that they cool off and come down as rain.”

Later, when he reached home, his wife was curious, so Mulla Nasrudin explained his version of intellectual encounter:

“This stranger has real good taste.

He said that he wished there was a large round tray of halwa (milk cake).

I said that he could only have half of it.

He said that the syrup should be made with three parts sugar and one part honey.

I agreed and said that they all had to mix well and blend properly.

Next he suggested that we should cook it on blazing fire.

To this I suggested that we should pour crushed nuts on top of the halwa.”

“It was a very rewarding discussion,” said Nasrudin with a glow of self satisfaction, “and I am so proud that I taught the foreign scholar the best recipe for halwa for which he will be grateful to me forever.”

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