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HOW HUMOUR DISSOLVES GRIEF - Humor in Uniform - A Naval Yarn

An Apocryphal Naval Yarn

Humour can do wonders. 

Genuine humor can dissipate anger and dissolve grief.

Here is a story, maybe apocryphal, narrated to me long back by one of my course-mates.

The Executive Officer (XO) of his ship was quite a character. 

The XO was a cheerful, jovial, absent-minded guy who was obsessed with solving crossword-puzzles and whose favourite words were “very good, very good”.

In the Navy, when your senior gave you an order you said: “aye aye, sir” 

And when your junior made you a report you said: “very good” 

Now since the XO received lots of reports he seemed to have developed the habit of saying “very good very good”.

One day an officer brought a sad faced sailor to see the XO. 

It was just after breakfast and the XO was sitting in the wardroom busy with his Times of India Crossword Puzzle.

The officer gestured towards the sailor said: “Sir, we have just received a telegram that his mother has died.”

Very Good Very Good,” the XO said instinctively without even looking up from the newspaper and he continued with his crossword puzzle.

There was stunned silence.

Then, after a moment, the XO paused, put down the newspaper, looked up at the sailor and said: “Your mother died? Very Bad Very Bad.”

Everyone, including the bereaved sailor, burst out laughing.

The XO was a most compassionate and genuine man - a Naval Officer. In true Naval Tradition the XO did everything administratively possible and made all welfare arrangements to help out the sailor to mitigate his personal grief.

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