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FEEL GOOD FOOD - Orange Chicken

Feel-Good Food

Feeling Low, in a blue mood? 

Here is something to cheer you up and brighten your spirits.

I’ll tell you a marvellous hot tangy chicken recipe, innovative, passionate, something different, and breathtaking in its simplicity, which is guaranteed to warm your insides, zest up your palate, lift your spirits, pep you up and fill you with cheer.

Go to your neighbourhood supermarket or store, pick up a one kilogram packet of frozen jointed chicken pieces and a few cartons of fruit juices [we’ll use orange juice for this recipe, I’ll tell you a few recipes with other juices too, and I am sure you will innovate and discover new one’s of your own]. Okay, you’ll need a juicy lemon, a 100 gram packet of butter, a teaspoon of cornflour, a spoon of red chilli powder and a bit of salt and pepper, that’s all.

First thaw the chicken pieces, squeeze the lemon over it, add chilli powder, salt and pepper, mix well and let it marinate for an hour or two.

Heat the butter in a pan and fry on low heat till the chicken is nicely cooked and dry. [In case the chicken starts to stick while cooking add some lemon juice and dabs of butter from time to time]. But at the end the chicken must be golden brown and dry from outside and succulent and tender from inside – oh, yes, do taste and confirm while cooking!

While cooking the chicken, side by side, in a saucer, make a paste of cornflour and a little orange juice.

Boil a large glass of orange juice on high heat and when it becomes about half the quantity, briskly stir in the cornflour paste, and keep stirring till it thickens, and pour the bubbling hot syrup over the hot cooked chicken.

If you want to indulge in some passionate foodie romance, ignite your foodie date, eat the tangy zesty orange flavoured chicken hot and fresh with your loved one, all cuddled up and romantic. Remember, you must finish it off in one go, nice and hot. The dish it loses its pepping-up effect if re-warmed. (The word "Dish" refers to the orange chicken).

Try this zesty dish whenever you are in the blue mood and see for yourself how you cheer up and feel good. 

Happy Eating.


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