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THE PERFECT BIRYANI - Tasting and Testing

Tasting and Testing
The Perfect Biryani
Vikram Karve

A plate of mouthwatering Biryani is placed in front of you.

On first impressions, how do you judge a Biryani…?

Well, as far as I am concerned, there are four basic tests you must carry out to assess a Biryani.

Test No. 1


First try the “Spread Test”.

Pick up a little Biryani in your fingers and sprinkle it on the side dish. The grains of rice must not stick together but remain separate. The pieces of meat must be succulent, clear and dry, not greasy, and easily separate from the rice.

A good Biryani will easily qualify the spread test.

Test No. 2


Lift the plate of Biryani and smell the pieces of meat. The Biryani must be pleasantly aromatic and you must be able to discern the delicate sweetish fragrance and appetizing mouthwatering aroma of marinated spices and the aroma must not be overpowering, sharp or piquant. The Biryani must pass the “aroma test” with flying colours as there is nothing more appetizing than a mouthwatering aroma…!

Test No. 3


Taste the meat, ideally mutton. It must be well-cooked, flavoursome, succulent, delicious.

Then roll some rice on your tongue – the subtle flavour and taste of the spices must mildly and pleasantly come through, and must not be overpoweringly spicy, greasy or pungent.

Test No. 4


Now you come to the fourth and final test – the “Potato Test”.

Dig deep and search for the potato in the Biryani.

The potatoes must taste as scrumptious as the meat – that is the hallmark of a superlative Biryani.

And if there is no potato – well dear fellow foodie, tell me, can there be a perfect Biryani without a potato which tastes as delicious as the meat…?

Well I thought there are four tests to evaluate a Biryani, but a fellow blogger Alok told me about a fifth and final test - The Temperature Test. So here it is!

Test No. 5

There is a 5th test for Biryani. Has it been served at the right temprature with light aromatic steam coming out from the rice and do you feel the warmth on your tounge when you eat  the inner part of the mutton.

So the next time a plate of Biryani is put in front of you, before you eat it, do carry out these simple five tests and tell us all about it – did the Biryani pass all the tests with flying colours? Is it a perfect Biryani?



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