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“Feel Good” Refreshing Bath and Lingering Fragrance – Mysore Sandal Soap

A “Feel Good” Bath

Mysore Sandal Soap

I am feeling good. 

It is a terrible Summer in Pune. 

Today was a sultry hot day  blazing sun, terrible heat. 

Yet – I am feeling good. 

I am feeling good because I have just had a bath with Mysore Sandal Soap

I feel clean and refreshed. 

I smell very nice and pleasant – with the lingering spicy fragrance of Sandalwood. 

I clearly remember my first tryst with Mysore Sandal Soap

Way back in the 1960s  we used to travel twice a year  from the “upcountry” – to Pune – for our vacations. 

Those days – Air Travel was a luxury – and – everyone travelled by the Indian Railways. 

Those days – there were no direct trains from upcountry” stations to Pune (then known as Poona)  and – we had to travel via Mumbai (then known as Bombay). 

So – we came down from the upcountry by famous trains  like the Frontier Mail, the Howrah Mail, the Calcutta Mail or the Punjab Mail  feeling all scruffy and weary  covered with coal dust.

In Mumbai  we got off Dadar in the morning – and went to my grand-aunt’s house in Hindu Colony nearby.

The old-style house had a huge spotlessly clean tiled bathroom  and  it was there that I first discovered Mysore Sandal Soap

It was a leisurely relaxed bathing experience  the soothing lather of Mysore Sandal Soap softening my skin.

And – I would emerge from my bath – fully refreshed – exuding the tantalizing yet subtle lingering fragrance of sandalwood.

Then – after a sumptuous breakfast  we would board a bus from Dadar TT – or catch a local train from Dadar Station to Mumbai CST (then known as Bombay VT)  spend the day loafing in South Mumbai – window shopping, browsing books, a movie and a meal – and then head to Mumbai CST Railway Station – to catch the Deccan Queen to Pune.

Since then  Mysore Sandal Soap is my all time favourite bathing soap  and  I truly enjoy the luxurious bathing experience every morning  and  in the evenings too. 

Being an “old timer” – I prefer the subtle lingering natural fragrance of sandalwood – rather than the overpowering synthetic scent of present day deodorants. 

I believe that it is better to maintain body cleanliness and personal hygiene  which prevents body odour – rather than try to mask your foul body odour by spraying your body copiously with strong smelling deodorants and perfumes. 

A nice soothing bath  skin feeling soft and nourished  feeling clean and refreshed  smelling natural  gently exuding the lingering gentle comforting fresh fragrance of sandalwood   that is what makes me feel good – rather than the present day practice of profusely deodorizing one’s body – till one reeks of artificial overpowering standardized perfume all day. 

Mysore Sandal Soap celebrated its centenary (100 years) three years ago in 1916.

(Mysore Sandal Soap has been manufactured since 1916 when Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV, the King of Mysore, set up the Government Soap Factory in Bangalore) 

Here is a picture of the carton of Mysore Sandal Soap. 

I am sure you have tried out Mysore Sandal Soap”.


You haven’t used Mysore Sandal Soap yet...?

Then  you must have a bath with Mysore Sandal Soap soon. 

Do have a tantalizing bathing experience with Mysore Sandal Soap”  especially on a hot summer day  and tell us how you liked it.

Morning and Evening  on a hot summer day  have a bath with Mysore Sandal Soap 

You will smell nice  you will feel clean  and  you will feel good”.

You can take my word for it. 

Have a nice day...!!! 

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