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The “Hard to Get” Girl – A Romance Story

Romance – A Love Story

“She hasn’t come…?” the “pretty girl” asks the “handsome hulk”.

“No. She hasn’t turned up. I had specially invited her – I personally spoke to her and I asked her to come…” the “handsome hulk” says.

“And – she ditched you…?”

“I have been wooing her for the last few months – but – she always gives me the “cold shoulder” – she just ignores me…”

“Maybe – she is not interested in you…”

“Of course she is interested in me. Tell me – which girl is not interested in me…? Aren’t you interested in me…?”

“Well yes – I am interested in you – most girls may be interested in you – but – she may be an exception – she may not be interested in you…”

“I think that she is just playing “hard to get”…”

“Oh – so it is your ego that is hurt…?”

“Maybe – but – I am really attracted to her – I have asked her out on a date so many times – but – she always refused me – I thought that maybe she didn’t want to come out with me alone – so – I organized this class picnic – and – I personally invited her – but – she hasn’t come…”

“Are you saying that you organized this picnic just for her…?”

“Yes – I thought that she would come if I said it was a “class-picnic” – so – I invited everyone in the class – and – everyone has come – except her…”

“Bookworm hasn’t come…”

“I am least interested in why “Bookworm” hasn’t come – to hell with him – I am feeling upset that “She” hasn’t come…”

 “Why don’t you just forget her…? You are rich and handsome – with such awesome looks and magnificent physique – a true hunk – the most “eligible” bachelor around. There are so many girls who desire you – in fact – any girl in our class will “die” for you…”

“Except her…”

“You can keep trying – but – you will never get her…” a new feminine voice says.

“What do you mean…?”

“You need to do some “research” – have you seen her profile…?”

“Yes. I have seen her Facebook profile… ”

“Have a look at her Twitter profile…”


“She seems to be a kinky type – she has written a funny word to describe herself – “sapphosexual”…”

“What – “sapphosexual” – don’t tell me that she is….”

“No, No – she’s not into girls….” another feminine voice says.

“How do you know…?”

“I know – but – don’t ask me how I know…”

“Hey – let’s see her Twitter profile…” the “pretty girl” says.

The “handsome hulk” takes out his smartphone.

“Ah – the word is not “sapphosexual” – it is “sapiosexual”…”

“Sapiosexual…? What does it mean…?”

“I don’t know…”

“Just “Google” it…”

“Ah – “sapiosexual” – it means “a person who is attracted to intelligence”…”

“No wonder she is dating “Bookworm”…” a male voice says.

“She is dating “Bookworm”…?”


“Who…? The same girl…? How can she date “Bookworm” – that nerdy geek…?”

“Well – “Bookworm” may be a “Nerdy Geek. But  Yes – it is true  the object of your desire – the girl you are so desperately pursuing – I have seen her with “Bookworm” so many times – hanging out in the library – browsing in bookstores – Ha Ha – she really seems to be true “sapiosexual” – just like she mentioned in her profile…”

The “pretty girl” looks at the “handsome hulk” – and – she says to him:

“I think you should forget about her. Yes – you should forget about the “sapiosexual” girl. You may be a rich and handsome hunk. But – tell me  “intelligence-wise” – do you think you will be able to match “Bookworm” intellectually…?” 

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