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Divorce is Not An Option – Marriage Mantra

Marriage Mantra 

We – my wife and I – we got married on 30 May 1982. 

Soon – on 30 May 2017  we will complete 35 years of married life  and we will enter the 36th year of our marriage. 

Ours was an arranged marriage. 

There was no “love” involved. 

We are certainly not a “made for each other” couple. 

In fact  we were  and we still are  a terribly incompatible couple. 

Our marriage is perpetually “on the rocks”. 

We survive marriage on a day-to-day basis. 

I remember a true story that happened just before our marriage in May 1982. 

We had gone to IAT Pune to invite my Navy Friends to our wedding (my Navy friends were doing a post-graduate course in IAT – where I became an Instructor/Professor later). 

The wife of a friend  a lady who knew me closely  she observed my would-be-wife” carefully. 

She commented to her husband that our marriage would not last for even 10 days...” 

Yes – she said that our marriage would not last for even 10 days...

My friend landed up on our 10th wedding anniversary on 30 May 1992 – with a bottle of champagne – and he made his wife eat her words.

But – what the lady had said – her prophesy that our marriage would not last for even 10 days– it did have a ring of truth in it. 

My wife and I are indeed an incongruous couple we are poles apart in all aspects. 

We have huge differences of opinion on almost all matters  we fight a lot  we criticize each other  we shout at each other  we never hide our feelings – especially when we don’t like something – and we call a spade a spade.

We don’t indulge in lovey-dovey Public Displays of Affection (PDA) – and – we don’t indulge in “niceties” – like giving each other gifts – or celebrating occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. 

Ours may be a rather volatile and “loveless” relationship – but there is nothing fake about our relationship.

In these modern times – when even passionate “love marriages” breakup and end in divorce – why is it that our rather prosaic incompatible marriage has stood the test of time...?

There is just one reason.

Both my wife and I were always clear about one thing:


That is our “Marriage Mantra”: Divorce is Not An Option

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