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A Single Mother and Her Mother

A Single Mother and Her Mother 
Fiction Short Story 

“Dramatis Personae”

S: A Single Mother

M: Her Mother (Mother of the Single Mother) 

“S” and “M” are having a conversation after dinner…

S: How can you stay with such a horrible man…?

M: He is your father. Speak respectfully about him.

S: I know he is my father. But I am surprised how are living with him for 36 years.

M: He is my husband.

S: Yes – a most terrible and cruel husband. I don’t understand why you tolerated his cruelty for all these years…?

M: Cruelty…? What are you saying…? Your father has never been cruel to me.

S: He keeps shouting at you – in fact – he just yelled at you during dinner.

M: That is his nature – but – he doesn’t mean it at all.

S: I have seen him shouting at you in public. I don’t understand how you can tolerate such insults…?

M: I know – sometimes he reacts impulsively – that is a fault of his. But otherwise – he has been a very good husband.

S: Good Husband…? You call such an uncouth man a “good husband”…?

M: He has always been loyal to me.

S: “Loyal”…? What are you trying to imply…?

M: No nothing…

S: Are you talking about my divorce…?

M: No. Let’s not talk about that…

S: My husband tried to treat me like a “doormat” – so – I taught him a lesson. But just look at you...? You have meekly accepted being a “doormat” all your life while your husband walks all over you.

M: He is a good man. He has looked after me well – and you too – he ensured that you got the best possible education.

S: That was his duty…

M: Duty…? He worked hard so that we had everything – house, money, a comfortable life, whatever things we wanted – even now – he takes care of all my needs – he never says “No” whenever I want anything. He was the “breadwinner” – and even now – after he has retired – it is his pension and savings that keep us comfortable…”

S: Oh. So – that is the real reason why you are living with him despite his arrogant behavior – you are “financially dependent” on him…

M: No. It has got nothing to do with that.

S: Of course it has got everything to do with that – I could leave my husband because I am “financially independent”.

M: You made a mistake – you could have adjusted – and also – just because you had a fight with your husband doesn’t mean that you...”

S: I told you that I don’t want to talk about that…

M: Then – what do you want to talk about…?

S: I want you leave that horrible man – and – you come and stay with me…

M: What…? You want me leave your father – and you want me to come and stay with you…? Are you mad…? How can I leave my husband just like that…?

S: You have suffered him for your entire life just because you were “financially dependent” on him. Now – there is no need for you to meekly tolerate his insulting behavior…

M: What do you mean…?

S: You come and live with me in Mumbai. You will be more comfortable over there than in your small stuffy flat over here. I have moved into an even more luxurious house than the one you saw last time when you visited – you will have all the facilities you want over there – I will keep a car and driver at your disposal whenever you want…

M: And what about your father…?

S: He can stay back here…

M: What are you saying…? You want me to live there in Mumbai with you – and – you want him to live all alone over here…?

S: He is quite capable of staying alone…

M: But – why should he stay all alone…?

S: Because I want you to stay with me and have a comfortable life. After suffering all these years of tyranny – living with that oppressive man – you deserve a bit of happiness and freedom…

M: He is your father. Yes – he may be a bit dominating – but – that is between him and me. I don’t like you talking like this…

S: Okay. Okay. I will not talk about that obnoxious man. Let him remain here. I am taking you with me to Mumbai tomorrow – I am going to “liberate” you from slavery…

M: What…? Tomorrow…? How can I come with you to Mumbai leaving your father all alone over here…?

S: Please mummy – no discussion now. We are flying tomorrow to Mumbai – I have already booked your ticket. Now you go inside and start packing your bags. I have to make an important call…


The Daughter “S” goes out into the balcony.

She looks at her smartphone.

It is past 9 o’clock at night.

Normally – she wouldn’t think of disturbing her boss at this late hour – but the matter is most important.

She dials the number of her boss.

After a few rings – she hears the voice of her boss.

“Hello…” her boss says.

“Sir – I have decided to accept the assignment – I want the promotion…” she says to her boss.

“Are you sure…? This job requires a lot of travel – you will be out for almost 20 days every month…” the boss says.

“I know, Sir…”

“Who is going to look after your small daughter when you are away…?”

“I have made arrangements…”

“Arrangements…? A “Nanny”…?”

“I am bringing my mother to Mumbai to stay with me – she will look after my daughter…”  

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