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How to Survive an Incompatible Marriage


How to Overcome “Compatibility Issues” in Marriage
Musings of a Much Married Husband


In a “Love Marriage” – it is quite unlikely that there are “compatibility issues”

In a love marriage – the husband and wife marry because they are in love.

And – the very fact that they are in “love” – means that the husband and wife are “compatible” with each other “ipso facto” – because – how can you fall in “love” with a person who is not “compatible” with you...?

So – in a “Love Marriage” – it is obvious that the husband and wife are “compatible” with each other

Yes – “Love Marriages” are “compatible marriages” 

However – in “Arranged Marriages” – the situation is entirely different.

In an “Arranged Marriage” – it is highly possible that the husband and wife are “incompatible” with each other.

Yes – “Arranged Marriages” are likely to be “incompatible marriages”

My own marriage is an example of this – my Wife and Me are totally “incompatible”.

Yet – despite this total “incompatibility” – our marriage has survived for more than 34 years – we have been married for 34 years, 7 months and 7 days to be precise.

And – despite “compatibility issues” – we seem to be happily married.

(Well – at least  I can speak for myself – I am quite happy with my wife and our marriage).

How can incompatible couples remain happily married...?

Here is an article I wrote around 5 years ago  in the year 2012  when we completed 30 years of married life.  

Musings of a Much Married Husband 


Every Saturday morning  my wife and I go the E-Square Multiplex on the University Road in Pune. 

We see a movie  and then enjoy some good vegetarian food at the Food Court  and then go about our weekend business. 

It is a good start to a weekend.

A few months back  one Saturday  as is customary  we reached E-Square at 9 AM in the morning. 

I wanted to see an English Movie – a serious film which had just won an Oscar. 

My wife wanted to see the latest cacophonous Bollywood “comedy” – which I was not keen on watching – since I really do not relish such raucous slapstick.

Luckily there were shows of both the movies at 9:30 AM – albeit on different screens.

So – we went our separate ways. 

I went to see the Hollywood Movie on Screen 3.

And  my wife went to see the Bollywood Film on Screen 5.

My movie finished early  so I was waiting for my wife at a Food Court  when our neighbours from our residential apartments  a young couple  spotted me sitting all alone.

So – the young couple came over to say: “Hi.”

I invited them to join me  and I ordered coffee for all of us.

“We were sitting right behind you in the theatre...” the smart young lady said.

“Oh...? Sorry  I didn’t notice you...” I said.

“So  you have come for the movie all alone...?” the husband asked.

“No – me and my wife have come together – but my wife is watching the Hindi Movie on Screen 5. Her movie is not yet over – so I am waiting for her here...” I said

Seeing the bewildered look on their faces  I explained: “You see  my wife does not like English Movies  especially serious films like the one we saw. And  I really don’t like these loud noisy Bollywood dramatic “comedy” films  like the Hindi movie my wife is seeing  which she prefers watching.”

“So you go your separate ways...?” the young wife asked me, with a curious look on her face.

“Yes...” I said, “What we both like to do  we do together. When our likes do not match  we do those things on our own – separately. Why should a husband compel his wife to do something that she does not like doing...? And  why should a wife force her husband to do something he does not like...? Tell me  why should we impose our likes and dislikes on each other...?” 

“Shall I tell you something...?” the young husband said.

“Please  go ahead  feel free...” I said.

“Actually  I too wanted to see the Hindi Movie on Screen 5. I hate English Movies – like the one we just saw...” the husband confessed.

“If that was so  why didn’t you tell me...?” the wife retorted.

“I did not want to spoil your mood. I know you hate watching these over-dramatic Hindi “comedy” movies  and you you like to watch these boring serious English Films like the one we saw today – so I came along with you for the English Movie  though I wanted to see the Hindi Movie...” the husband said to his wife.

“Come on guys...” I said, “the most important thing in a marriage is to have a good comfort level with your partner – there should be no barrier, no mask, no masquerade, no pretense, no faking emotions  and  there should be absolutely no trust-deficit in the relationship...”

Suddenly  my wife came and sat down. 

My wife seemed very happy – it was obvious that she had enjoyed the Bollywood Movie

My wife looked at the young couple and said: “Hi, nice to see you here...”

Then – my wife looked at me  and she said to me: “I really enjoyed the movie – it was unadulterated fun – total nonsense – no taxing the brain – but you wouldn’t have liked it. How was your English movie...?”

“Good – the English movie was good...” I said, “I really liked the film.”

“That’s great...” my wife said. 

Then she looked at the couple and said: “Come on  let’s eat.”

Once we had eaten some delicious food, I asked my wife: “What next...?” 

“Let’s go to the Mall in Camp,” my wife said, “you browse your boring books in the bookstore  while I do some exciting shopping. When I finish shopping  I will give you a call  and we can walk down Main Street to Marzorin for some yummy snacks and cold coffee.”

“How long have you two been married...?” the young couple asked.

“30 years...” I said. (This story happened in 2012 when we were married for 30 years)

“Why don’t you come over to our place tomorrow morning...?” the young lady asked, “we’ll have brunch together – or we can go out somewhere to eat.”

“No. No...” my wife said, “on Sunday mornings we are not free. We both give our dog a bath every Sunday morning. Do you know  that is the one thing we really enjoy most doing together – giving our dog a bath. And then we will laze around and watch the Sunday TV Programmes together. We love doing that.”

“Yes – after so many years of marriage – we know each other’s likes and dislikes – so  what we both like – we do together – and  where there is a mismatch – we do separately... I said.


Before we said Goodbye  the young couple said: “We too are going to make our “likes” and “dislikes” lists.”

“You must do that...” I said, “you must make your “likes” and “dislikes” lists – and remember:

1. Where both your “likes” match  you do those things together

2. Where the “likes” do not match  you do those things separately...”

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