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The Marriage of Two Persons Who Did Not Want to Get Married

There is saying that all creative writing (fiction) is autobiographical. 

I wonder whether this story is autobiographical...?

Dear Reader: 

Do read this story of The Marriage of Two Persons Who Did Not Want to Get Married – and tell me what you think...

Fiction Short Story

He did not believe in “Marriage”

She did not believe in “Marriage”

Yet – they got married.


Here is the story of:

The Marriage of Two Persons Who Did Not Want to Get Married 

“Good Morning…” he said.

“Hi…” she said.

“Thanks for agreeing to see me in your office…”

“You said it was urgent…”

“Yes. I wanted to talk to you alone before you came to my place in the evening along with your parents…”


“I came to tell you that – actually – I don’t want to get married…”

“Oh – is there someone else…”


“You don’t like me…?”

“No. No. I haven’t even met you before…”


“I just don’t want to get married…”

“Oh – are you…?”

“No. No. It’s not what you are thinking. I am not ‘gay’ …”

“Sorry – I didn’t mean it that way…”

“It’s okay…”

“Then – what is it…? Why don’t you want to get married….?”

“I am “married” to the Navy…”

“What…? You are “married” to the Navy…? I don’t understand…”

“I mean that I want to focus all my time and energy on my Navy career – and – I do not want any distractions at this critical juncture of my career…”

“So – you feel that marriage will distract you from your work…?”

“Yes. Right now – I am very busy on my ship – and I will be sailing most of the time. Then – I will go for my “long” specialization course. I want to “top” the course – so – during the course I will require to study round-the-clock. Then – I will go on ship again as a “specialist” officer – which is a crucial appointment – and – a stepping stone to sea command…”

“I get it – you will have no time for me – oh – sorry – I mean – you will have no time for your wife…”

“Yes – I don’t want to get married and then neglect my wife – that will be injustice to her. I will be devoting all my time and energy to my Navy career – and – I will have no time for my wife – so – it is better for me not to marry…”

“So you don’t want to marry because you don’t want to neglect your wife…? Or – is it because you feel that a wife will be a hindrance to your career ambitions…?”


“Both…? How can a wife be a hindrance to your career ambitions…? In fact – someone told me that – if you want to achieve high rank in the Defence Services – it is very advantageous to have a “suitable” wife…”

“Not really…”

“Well – my uncle is in the Army – and – he once told me that – one of the reasons he did not become a General was because he was a bachelor…”

“Maybe it is so in the Army – but – it is not so in the Navy – in fact – our present Navy Chief is a bachelor – he never married…”

“Oh. So you want to become an Admiral…? And – you feel that you will have a better chance if you are a bachelor…”

“Yes – being a bachelor will help me concentrate on my career much better…”

“I can understand. But – please tell me – if you don’t want to get married – why did you give a ‘Matrimonial Ad’…?”

“My parents did it – without asking me – I came to know about it yesterday – when I came on home on leave – and – they told me that you would be coming with your parents  to see me this evening…”

“Oh – but – they could have talked to my parents and cancelled the “Girl Seeing” Ceremony…”

“No – my parents said cancelling would look rude – and – it would complicate things – and – cause misunderstandings…”

“So – they asked you to talk to me…?”

“No. No. My parents don’t even know that I am meeting you here in your office…”

“Oh – so your parents are pressurizing you to get married – and – you don’t want to get married because you are “married” to the Navy…”


“So – what do you want me to do…?”

“You come over in the evening – we can go through the “ritual” – and – later – you can tell your parents that you don’t like me…”

“You want me to tell my parents that I don’t like you…?”


“Why don’t you tell your parents that you don’t like me…?”

“That would be unfair…”


“Yes – it is me who does not want to get married. So – it is not correct for me to hurt you and your parents – by falsely saying that I don’t like you…”

“What do mean by “falsely” saying that you don’t like me…? Are you saying that you like me…? Tell me – suppose you wanted to get married – then – do you find me a suitable wife…?”

“It is a big “if” – but – suppose – I was not “married” to the Navy – suppose – I wanted to get married – then…”


“Then – maybe – I would have said “Yes” to you…” 

“So – you like me…?”


“But – we have just met for a few minutes…”

“I can judge a person in the first impression…”

“Really…? So – what do you think – do I like you – or not…?”

“You don’t like me – at least as a prospective husband…”

“Oh. Do you really think so…?”

“Yes. That is why it will be easier for you tell your parents the truth that you don’t like me – whereas – I will have to lie to my parents that I don’t like you – though – in actual fact – I don’t want to get married at all…”

“Shall I tell you something…?”


“I like you…”

“Oh No…”

“I like ambitious career-conscious people – and – I liked the way you told me upfront – in an honest and forthright manner…”


“Actually – I am very ambitious and career-conscious too…”

“That’s good…”

“That is why I too don’t want to get married…”


“Yes. I am just like you. My thoughts are exactly like yours. I too feel that marriage will be a big hindrance to my career ambitions…”

“Really…? Then why did you give a ‘Matrimonial Ad’…? And – why are you coming to my home with your parents to “see” me…?”

“The same reason as yours…”

“Parental pressure…?”



“Let’s do one thing…”


“Let’s get married…”


“Yes. Let’s get married. Once we get married – our parents will be happy – and – they will stop pestering us – and – we can focus on our careers…”

“You mean just a “paper” marriage…”

“Yes – a “technical” marriage – a marriage for the sake of marriage – so that we can get this “marriage issue” out of the way – and – we can get on with our respective careers…”

“You mean – we get “married” – and then – you go your way – and – I go my way…”

“Yes…” she said.

“Okay…” he said.

And so – they got married.

Yes – the boy and the girl – the two persons who did not believe in marriage – they got married.


The story I narrated above happened in early 1982.

And – believe it or not – more than 34 years have passed – and – they are still married.

In these 34 years – many other marriages have broken down.

Even a few so-called “love marriages” have ended in divorce.

But – the marriage of these two persons who did not believe in marriage is still going strong. 

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