Thursday, October 20, 2016

Beware of Your “Blind Side”

Learning from Fables

You must have heard of an Aesop’s Fable called: “The One-Eyed Doe”.

Once upon a time – there was a doe (female deer).

The doe had lost one of her eyes.

Therefore – she could not see anything on the side with her blind eye (her “blind side”).

Whenever the doe used to feed near the seashore – she used to stand in such a way that her “good eye” looked towards the land – so that she could see if any hunters were approaching – and could make a quick escape in case she saw any hunters on the land.

The doe kept her “blind eye” towards the sea – since she did not expect any threat from that side.

One day – some sailors came rowing in a boat from the sea.

They saw the doe blissfully grazing near the seashore.

Since her “blind side” was towards the sea – the doe did not see the sailors coming from the sea.

One of the sailors took aim with his gun and shot the doe.

As she was dying – heaving her last breath – the doe cried to herself:

“What a mistake I made…?  I was safe on the land side where I expected to be attacked – but was attacked from the direction of the sea which I thought was safe…”


“Danger often comes from the least expected source or direction”

Military History shows us many examples of this “moral of the story” – where armies have been attacked from their “blind side”

Armies and Nations are attacked by surprise from directions where they least expected to be attacked – or – in ways they least expected – or – by “enemies” who they did not expect to be adversaries.

We see many such examples in recent security incidents too – where one discovers dangers from directions/places/people that one thought were “safe”.

While this fable has a lesson for the military and security forces – isn’t this fable metaphorically relevant in many other aspects of our life as well…?

Aren’t we most vulnerable from our “blind side” – emotionally – materially – in happenings – in business – in relationships – from people towards whom we have a “blind side” because we love and trust them…?

So – you must remember: 

Introspect – and –  discover if you have a “blind side” 

Be aware of your “blind side” 

And – never neglect your “blind side” (or “blind sides”) 

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