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Humor in Uniform – Education Destroys OLQ (Officer Like Qualities)


Topsy Turvy “Military Logic
Ramblings of a Retired Navy Veteran

Life is funny.

Life is full of contradictions.

And this is more so in the military – where there is plenty of humour in uniform.

For example  in the 1970 when I joined the Navy  I realized that – in the Navy  your career prospects are inversely proportional to your education

Yes  believe it or not  it was strange logic  but it was true:

The higher your qualifications  the lower your status in the hierarchy

When I joined the Navy  I found that the officers at the bottom of the heap were the most highly qualified Post Graduates (M.Sc./M.Tech.) who land up as Education Officers (called Schoolies” in Navy Jargon).

These Schoolies” were landlubbers – who ended up teaching the basics of Algebra and Geometry to Sailors. 

In the Middle Rung of the Officer Status Hierarchy  we had the Technical Officers  who were Engineering Graduates (BE/B.Tech.).

And – Lording over the Technical Officers and Schoolies were the “Matric-Pass Executive Officers  who were the Prima Donnas – and these officers with the lowest educational qualifications had superior status vis-à-vis their more educated counterparts

In the Army  the situation was even worse.

Lesser qualified Infantry and Cavalry Officers of the Arms enjoyed much better Career Prospects as compared to their more highly qualified technical counterparts of the Technical Arms and Services.

In fact – infantry officers totally dominate the higher army leadership – and it is common knowledge that – in most cases – officers of other arms/services are better qualified than infantry officers. 

The Command Exit Model Promotion Policy introduced in 2009 further tilted the balance in favour of the Infantry. 

So – even today – in the Military – Educational Qualifications are Inversely Proportional to Career Prospects.

Do Military Top Brass really believe that Education destroys OLQ (Officer Like Qualities)...? 

Let me take you back to my early days in the Navy.

There was a grand old Admiral  a distinguished sea dog and war veteran who had served with distinction both in war and peace.

You will be amazed to hear what he used to always say to us. 

The Admiral always said that: 

“Too Much Education Destroyed Natural Leadership Qualities.

His view was that: 

“too much education hampered the inculcation and development of Officer Like Qualities (OLQ)  which was the sine qua non of military leadership.

He would say: 

Education is not conducive to OLQ”  since  “Education makes Officers Think and Analyse too much


This paradox exists in the civilian world too. 

Everywhere in administration  Generalists Prevail over Specialists

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officers are at the helm of affairs in all types of organizations ranging from Airlines to Electricity Boards to Public Sector Units to Port Trusts to Financial Institutions.

Yes  you will see generalists lord over specialists in all places – in most government organisations – and even in the corporate sector – where generalists head technical and operational entities even if they have no expertise. 

Some IAS officers are even appointed as Vice Chancellors of Universities. 

Yes  it seems that IAS Officers are truly the “jack of all trades”   you name any type of government organization  and you will find an IAS Officer heading it.

In many places where anti-intellectualism prevails  like in the military and civil services  if you are highly educated and specialized  you are considered a boffin” – or an egghead  a geek  or a nerd  who is unfit for leadership roles.

Do you agree with what the grand old Admiral used to say...? 

Does Education really Destroy Natural Leadership Qualities...? 

Does Education hamper the inculcation and development of Officer Like Qualities (OLQ)...? 


This is an abridged, updated and revised version of an article I wrote many years ago in our in-house journal as a Humor in Uniform piece – and – surprisingly  it was well-received and appreciated by most senior officers including my boss. 

The Navy always had better educated officers than the Army. 

Even for the National Defence Academy (NDA) – Navy Cadets have to be Maths-Physics Science Students at the 10+2 Level and study for a Science Degree in NDA – whereas for the Army– it is okay if you do not have any Science background and are an Arts student since you have to study for an Arts Degree at the NDA. 

Now – all Navy Cadets are being awarded the B. Tech. Degree in Engineering on completion of their Training at the Indian Naval Academy (NAVAC/INA) – and NDA is following suit for Navy Cadets – in order to bring NDA Navy Cadets on par with NAVAC/INA Cadets. 

Maybe the Navy has realised that in todays and futuristic Technology-Intensive Military Warfighting Scenario  the good old Education Destroys OLQ” dictum is no longer valid. 

But – it seems that – the Army continues to Bash on Regardless – with the Education Destroys OLQ” motto – and – it will be the Infantry Officers who will dominate and rule the roost over the higher qualified Officers of the Technical Arms and Services – and – the BA will continue to have better career prospects than the B. Tech. 

Think about it !!! 

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