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Humor in Uniform – My “Literary” Boss

Humor in Uniform

The Navy has a diverse variety of individuals – with personalities and characters across the spectrum – and – so – I came across many unforgettable characters during my long career in the Navy. 

One such unique characters was my “literary” boss.

Unforgettable Memories of My Wonderful Navy Life
A Spoof

When I was in the Navy – I once had a “literary” boss.

You may be surprised  since you may think that “faujis” have their brains in their boots.

But  I came across plenty of accomplished creative persons in the Navy – writers, artists, cartoonists, singers, musicians, dramatists, actors, painters, photographers etc

And – I have seen many such talented persons in the Army and Air Force too. 

After our customary Monday morning meeting – I said to my Boss: “Sir  I hope you haven’t forgotten about the ‘open mic’ session on Friday evening...”

I was referring to the ‘open mic’ session at the Arts and Literary Festival which was going on nearby.

My Boss looked at me and said: “Of course  I will be there to read my poetry – and  I am keen to hear poems of all the poets too...” 

“I have already sent our names, Sir – we will get 10 minutes each. The venue is the David Sassoon Library Gardens – it is opposite the Jehangir Art Gallery. The event starts at 6 in the evening...” I said.

“You take me there – pick me up from my office on Friday evening – I will bring my civvies along – and  we will walk down there...” he said.

On Friday morning  my Boss called me to his office.

“Do me a favour – can you read my poems this evening at the Poetry Reading Session...?” he asked.

Before I could speak  my Boss handed me a diary  and he said: “I have flagged three of my best poems  but you can choose a few more if there is time.”

“What’s wrong, Sir – why aren’t you coming yourself...? Don’t you want to read your own poems...?” I asked.

“Of course I want to be there and read my poems – and  I want to hear all the poets too. But something important has come up  so  I cannot come to the Kala Ghoda Festival this evening...” he said.

“Sir  what can be more important than this poetry session – especially for a poet like you...?” I asked.

“Some bloody delegation has come  and  there is a cocktail party for them...” he said.

“I know, Sir – the circular came on Wednesday – but I am skipping the cocktail party...” I said.

“You can skip it – but  I cannot skip it. After all  I am a bloody Admiral  and  my absence will be conspicuous – in fact  I did try to wriggle out  but COS said that CinC wants all Flag Officers to attend...” the Rear Admiral said, looking quite disappointed.

Next morning he called me to his office  and  he wanted to know all about the Poetry Reading Session.

I told him everything – what an enriching literary experience it had been – and – I told him how much his poems had been appreciated.

“Sir  I wish you were there – literary people had come from all over – and  there was such excellent work being read – and  Sir  so many Poets wanted to meet you and discuss your poems...” I said.

“I wish I had been there...” he said, disappointment writ on his face.

“How was the cocktail party?” I asked, trying to cheer him up.

“It was like all bloody official cocktail parties – bloody waste of time – the same boring shop talk – and do you know – all the while  I was thinking of you enjoying in the Kala Ghoda Festival,” he said.

“Never mind, Sir  maybe next year…” I said.

“Who knows where I will be next year...? If they don’t promote me  I may even retire this year and go to my hometown. I am really regretting that I missed this once in a lifetime chance...” he said, with disappointment.

He looked quite dejected  so  I did not say anything.

Then he looked at me and said: “You are lucky – you can still do what you want in your leisure – but  ever since I became a senior officer  I have lost control of how to spend my time.”

As I walked back to my office  I wondered about the irony of the situation.

Though he was the Boss  he did not have any control on how to spend his time.

And – though I was not a “Big Boss” – I had control on my time to a much larger extent

This loss of control on his time was making the Boss unhappy.


This rather trivial incident taught me one thing:


Once you have taken control of your time  you are free to spend your time in doing things which make you happy.

So – the Moral of the Story is simple:

The ultimate test of true freedom is when you have complete control of your time” 

It is true   isn’t it...?


So – Gaining Control over your Time is the First Step towards Freedom and Happiness.

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