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Long back, in the Navy, and in the Army and Air Force too, there used to be a concept called CAMARADERIE.

Camaraderie created esprit de corps  a feeling of mutual trust, shared loyalty and feelings of unity among officers and men in uniform.

You knew that your comrades-in-arms would firmly stand behind you in times of distress.

It was the camaraderie in a ship, regiment or squadron that gave it an edge in war-fighting.

In recent times the media has reported a number of incidents that indicate a breakdown of camaraderie.

Another indicator of deteriorating camaraderie is the increasing litigation, succession battles and contretemps, especially among senior officers.

Civil Services, especially the IAS, used to have water-tight camaraderie too, especially when protecting their turf against other services.

However, recent events, like the imbroglio over the suspension of a junior IAS officer, indicate that even the “steel frame” has lost its esprit de corps and camaraderie.

Now, it seems that there is only one group that has remarkable camaraderie – politicians.

Notice how politicians close ranks, rally together and display spectacular esprit de corps” and magnificent camaraderie whenever they feel threatened or whenever they want to give themselves some benefits.

There was a time when the defence services, the army, navy and air force, were cited as a shining example of camaraderie and esprit de corps.

Your Service” – the army, navy, air force  was paramount. 

It was always: Service Before Self”.

Now, it is: Self Before the Service”. 

Yes, over the years, the ethos of the defence and civil services has changed enormously.

Ironically, now it is time for the military and civil services to learn the art of camaraderie from politicians.

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