Tuesday, September 25, 2012


TATA SKY DTH TV – Taking the Customer for Granted

I love watching old English Classic Movies.

That is one of the main reasons why I selected TATA SKY DTH TV since TataSky had TCM Channel which showed evergreen Hollywood Classics.

Suddenly, on the 12th of September 2012, I found to my dismay that TCM Channel had disappeared.

When I complained to TataSky Customer Care, I got a terse reply that TataSky had dropped TCM Channel. That’s all, in a tone that implied – “we have dropped the channel and you can go up the gum tree for all we care”.

They hadn’t bothered to inform loyal customers like me regarding this abrupt unilateral decision. Of course, In India, no one bothers to take the customer’s consent or feedback. Everyone takes the customer for granted. Very few companies treat the customers with courtesy and respect.

I have written this about TataSky but I have had a similar experience of dropping of channels with Dish TV as well.

If a customer does not pay his subscription on time these DTH companies immediately stop your service and charge a penalty for reconnection, but they do not keep their end of the bargain and do not deliver the channels they have promised. For example, I had paid my monthly subscription in advance for a pack which included the TCM Channel. Just imagine the fate of those who had paid an annual subscription for this pack in advance.

When they drop channels from their packs, they do not reduce the monthly subscription. I feel TataSky must refund subscription on pro rata basis for the channels  they drop from time to time.

Like TataSky, most other DTH and Cable TV Companies also seem to be indifferent to the customer and take customer loyalty for granted. They never deliver what they promise. Maybe it is because the customer really does not have much of a choice owing to monopoly due to cartelisation. Maybe genuine competition will improve things for customers.

Is abrupt dropping of TCM Channel by TataSky a deficiency in service? Can some one tell me if there is a regulator for the DTH Industry where I can complain.

Well, after such experiences, I have learnt one lesson.

Never fall for traps of various “offers” these DTH companies keep luring you with from time to time, since they can always drop channels and change packs once you have paid up the entire subscription.

Always pay on a monthly basis and never pay a lump-sum advance subscription which will restrict you with the DTH operator for one year or more.

If you pay your subscription on a monthly basis you have the option of “dropping” DTH and Cable Operators like TataSky if they abruptly drop channels.

There is a slogan: CUSTOMER IS KING

Maybe that is true in some cases, but I have seen that, at least in India, on many occasions customers are treated like dirt – with indifference, and sometimes, with contempt.

From time to time, I will share some of my experiences of customer service – where I have been treated like a king, where some companies make sustained efforts to get customer loyalty, and I will also tell you about instances where I have been treated like dirt, with indifference and disdain.


Anonymous said...

I too had taken TataSky only for TCM channel, and now I feel cheated, exactly like you do. It's true that like other DTH service providers, TataSky doesn't give a damn about its customers. I've decided not to renew my subscription, which I used to do on an annual basis. I wish there was some way in which we could sue TataSky.

Vikram Waman Karve said...

In India most companies are insensitive towards the customer so there is nothing you can do