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ménage à trois

ménage à trois

Short Fiction
A Love Story in Two Scenes

Dramatis Personae

Aditya: 30, a bright young upwardly mobile executive.

Anjali: 27, Aditya’s wife, also a high flier executive, working in a different firm.

Nisha: 26, Anjali’s classmate and friend, just arrived in town, looking for a new job.



Aditya calls up his wife Anjali on her cell phone. 

ADITYA: Hey, Anjali, let’s drive down to Lakeview Gardens for dinner tonight.

ANJALI: Wow…the weather is lovely…it will be really amazing driving out there…let’s go to our favourite place…

ADITYA: Cupid’s Cove…?

ANJALI: Yeah…Cupid’s Cove…I love the ambience there… Okay, I’ll tell Nisha…

ADITYA: Nisha…? Why Nisha…? Why take her…? I thought just the two of us…a romantic evening together…Let’s not have kabab mein haddi…!

ANJALI: Please Aditya … try to understand … poor Nisha ... she is all alone … his place is so new to her … poor girl … she is so lonely and all at sea … Nisha has no friends except us … please let’s take her … please...

And so the threesome, all three of them, the husband Aditya, the wife Anjali, and her friend kabab mein haddi Nisha, drive down to Cupid’s Cove in Lakeview Gardens for an enjoyable dinner…



Nisha calls up Aditya on his cell phone. 

NISHA: Hey, Aditya, let’s drive down to Lakeview Gardens for dinner tonight.

ADITYA: Oh yeah…great idea…it is perfect weather for a lovely drive…it’ll be really amazing out there…let’s go to our favourite place…

NISHA: We’ll go to that lovely place…Cupid’s Cove…I love it out there…the atmosphere is so marvellous…

ADITYA: Okay…I’ll tell Anjali…

NISHA: Come on Aditya…why have kabab mein haddi… let’s go…just the two of us…a romantic evening together…

ADITYA: What shall I tell Anjali…?

NISHA: The usual…working late…meetings…

ADITYA: Okay…I’ll ring her up…and I’ll pick you up at seven…the same place…

NISHA: I’ll be waiting for you…

And so the two of them, Aditya and Nisha, drive down to Cupid’s Cove in Lakeview Gardens for a romantic dinner. 

The twosome goes for dinner without the new kabab mein haddi Anjali ,  the innocent, oblivious and unsuspecting wife, who stays at home wondering why her darling hubby Aditya and her best friend Nisha both work so late so often...  

In this story, the good natured unsuspecting wife Anjali does not see the warning signs of the cuckoo. 

At first she persuades her reluctant husband Aditya to help out her lonely forlorn friend Nisha and she is so trusting that even later she remains oblivious when Nisha cuckolds her and surreptitiously usurps her place in her husband’s heart.  

The earlier haddi has now become the kabab and the erstwhile kabab is now treated like a haddi ... !!!

It is amazing, isn't it?

How the haddi in the Kabab changes...! 

Or is it that the kabab itself has changed?

Well, one thing is quite clear - it is quite dicey to let a third person in your marriage. Marriage is not a threesome. If you let a third person in your marriage and make it a threesome, it is possible that your marriage may become a twosome again, with you ejected out of it, like it happened in this story.

So remember: A marriage is strictly a twosome between you and your spouse and it is best kept that way.

Did you like the story?

Can this happen in real life too? Like a Cuckoo taking over the nest?

Have you seen such stories happening around you, especially at your workplace? 

Do share your stories and views, comment and let us know.

Have a Bright Thursday.

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