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Well, here is another teaching story on similar lines

Ancient Wisdom
A Teaching Story

Here is a Ancient Wisdom Story...

Concerned at the increasing drunkenness and alcoholism in his kingdom, a famous king imposed strict prohibition on wine and liquor.

Earlier most people in that kingdom used to make their own liquor at home. 

For this they had all the paraphernalia for distilling home-made liquor, and though they had stopped distilling liquor at home after prohibition was imposed, many such innocent people were arrested merely for possession of vats and distillery apparatus in their houses.

Those caught for mere possession of vats were punished severely in the same terms as those actually caught making illegal illicit liquor.

The Prime Minister advised the King not to be so severe with those people who merely had vats in their homes and were not actually distilling liquor but the king would not budge saying that even those having the tools of the trade deserved punishment.

One day,the king was driving his chariot along with his Prime Minister in the country when they saw a young man sitting under a tree.

“Have that man arrested…!” the Prime Minister told the King.

“What has he done…?” asked the king in puzzlement.

“That man is going to commit adultery…!” the Prime Minister proclaimed.

“How do you know…?” the king asked perplexed.

“He has the tools of the trade, the tools of adultery, just as those people have their vats…!” 

The king broke out into a loud laugh and ordered that the people arrested for mere possession of vats be released immediately.

Moral of the Story 

Merely having a “Tool” is not enough - you must have an intention to use your tool. 

And conversely, destroying a tool may not destroy the intention. 

They key lies in getting to the root cause and examining why an intention arises in the first place.

Any tool can be used for good or can be used to cause harm.

Anything can be used or it can be misused.

A knife can be used for cutting vegetables for preparing food or in the worst case a knife can be used for committing murder. 

Just because a few people are misusing a tool does not justify depriving everyone else from using that tool.

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