Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TEA - Which is Your Favourite Brand

Which is Your Favourite Brand of Tea

There are two ways of making tea – you brew or you boil.

If you want to brew yourself a relaxing flavoursome cup of Tea (Traditional Tea Service Style) you must use Darjeeling Leaf Tea. Boil water, rinse a porcelain tea pot with hot water, add one spoon of tea per cup plus one for the pot, pour in the required amount of hot water, brew for 3 to 5 minutes (depending on the strength you want), strain and pour in the tea in a cup, add milk and sugar to taste, and relish your cuppa.

For this style of tea making, my favourite brand of Tea is Lipton Green Label. Of course, many tea estates sell their own brands of excellent Orange Pekoe (OP) leaf tea but then these may not be available in your town.

If you want a strong stimulating cup of tea you boil water and sugar together and then throw in the tea leaves (one spoon per cup) bring to a boil, cover for 3 to 5 minutes for proper infusion, then add tea to hot milk and rejuvenate yourself with the rich aromatic bright coloured cuppa (Some boil water and milk together with the sugar and leaves).

For this style of making Tea our favourite brand was Brooke Bond Red Label. However, a few years ago, I felt that the quality of this brand was no longer the same as before so I tried Brooke Bond Yellow Label and Taj Mahal. This too did not satisfy me, so I started experimenting around with various brands of tea available in the market and I narrowed down to two brands of Tea which I like.

I like Wagh Bakri Perfect Premium Leaf Tea – it gives you a strong invigorating cup of tea rich in taste and bright in colour and really perks you up.

Another brand I like is Tata Tea Gold, especially for its remarkable taste, which probably is due to the fact that this tea is a blend of strong CTC (Crush Tear Curl) and traditional leaf tea. This imparts a unique flavour which leaves a pleasant aftertaste for you to savour.

Do you like Tea?

Tell us, which is your favourite brand of Tea?

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Minnie(@thelady8home) said...

Hi Vikram, thank you so much for stopping by today at my blog. You made my day (I'm sure Marina already told you that).

I am new at blogging, and it has been like the proverbial kid-in-the-candy-store kind of experience, discovering one amazing blog after another. I love your thoughts....

As for tea, I am not much a tea lover, while hubby is an addict. Lipton Green, I remember, used to be our favourite too. I prefer the soak variety over hubby's 'doodh-patti' one - never the twain doth meet :) In US, it's the Red Label which has won the war, for now.

Unknown said...

well second one is my style of makin tea but lesser sugar ,milk nd tea leaves nd boil it fr probably half a minute:)

Jayashree Srivatsan said...


I dont go by any specific brand, just pick one from the superstore...Thats more because we are more of coffee people and tea is a once-a-week-affair. Anyways, I love to add ginger and elaichi when I brew the tea. Also of late I begin my mornings with green tea with honey in warm water :) Tastes very different from our usual chai though!