Friday, May 18, 2012


If you want to bring the country to order, first put the province in order.
If you want to put the province in order, you have to first bring order to the cities.
To bring order to the city, you must first bring order to your neighbourhood.
If you want to bring order to your neighbourhood, you must first bring order to your own family.
If you want to bring order to your family, you must first bring order to yourself.

Oriental Saying


If you want the country to be honest, each one of us must be honest.
One corrupt person can discredit the entire social structure and tarnish the reputation of the entire country.



So true! I always told my students: Be honest in whichever profession you are in. If you are a tailor, stitch with all your devotion and honesty, and be the best. If you are a doctor, treat your patient with all your love and care - be honest to your profession, be honest to yourself. You just wrote the same idea in a much more beautiful fashion. loved it!

Vikram Waman Karve said...

@ Monika - You are absolutely right - the key is to be honest to yourself and your profession

Anonymous said...

Honest to a profession - what if I aspire to be a corrupt politician? And, I am not kidding either.