Thursday, April 26, 2012



Never try to touch an unknown dog. Especially do not try to put your hand on the dog’s head or try to pet the dog.

When meeting a new dog, let the dog to come to you, explore you and smell you. Let the dog sniff your hand.

Do not try to hug or caress or cuddle an unknown dog or get too close to the dog’s face.  

Observe the dog’s body language. A dog will show specific warning signs before attacking or biting, like raised hackles with stiff tail, growling sound or vicious bark, bared teeth or a fearful scared look with tail down and bared teeth.

Do not disturb a dog when the dog is eating or sleeping. Do not go near a female dog feeding her puppies.  She will be protective and may try to attack you.

Never leave a dog, especially an unknown dog, with your small children.

If a dog is injured, and is not letting you approach by growling or show of aggression, do not try to touch the injured dog. Call a veterinary doctor for help.


Captain Awesome said...

Thanks for this post. I am really scared of dogs, specially street dogs. Hopefully this will help me :)

Rohini said...

Very true... because I often play with Roadasians, this is something I always keep in mind. You cannot randomly approach a dog. A lot of times they may be pretty apprehensive. Nevertheless, if they are friendly and warm, spending time with them can be really really rewarding. :)

Anonymous said...

in general, never let a strange dog get hold of your hand. Sounds simple and obvious but people don't seem to get it...