Monday, April 16, 2012


I was surprised to see my college classmate X enjoying himself thoroughly on a beach in Goa.

Hey, what brings you to Goa? I asked him.

I have come to Goa on my Honeymoon, he said.

That's great, I said looking around, so won't you introduce me to your wife.

Oh, she is at home in Delhi. My wife said that she has already been to Goa once before, so I came alone, he said.

What do you say, Dear Reader? 

Sometimes the concept of Thrift and Frugality is taken to ridiculous limits, isn't it? 

Have your Monday Morning Laugh, think about this story and enjoy the week ahead.


Kritika Jain, Arihant Events said...

can't just stop laughing... poor guy X

Happy Honeymoon to him!!

Julian Booth said...

would love too see detailed story of your honeymoon.view more