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There is a saying in the Navy – Officers never get drunk, they only feel nice.

The aim of drinking alcohol is to feel high. But to get drunk is a terrible experience. If you’ve ever got drunk you know how painful the aftermath is and if you haven’t ever got drunk just watch the movie THE HANGOVER to see what all can happen when you get drunk. I enjoyed my drinks but I tried to make sure that I did not get drunk.

I had my first drink in 1978 – a peg of the best Scotch Whisky (King of Kings). I enjoyed it. For a few months I relished the choicest of Scotch Whisky, and later, when I came ashore I developed a taste for Rum, my favourite brand was Hercules Rum and I loved the taste of Rum-Pani. Later, as Hercules and Sea Pirate were not easily available, I drank Old Monk and Lord Nelson Rum. (Somehow after having savoured the best Scotch Whiskies I did not enjoy the taste of the Indian Whiskey of those days, except Solan No. 1 which I drank occasionally when Rum was not available). I enjoyed my sundowners for about 25 years when one day I suddenly quit drinking forever. I quit drinking because I wanted to quit smoking. I realized that alcohol was my biggest smoking anchor and whenever I had a drink I got a strong urge to smoke. Now for more than 10 years I am a strict teetotaler and non-smoker and I feel good but I do remember some episodes from my drinking days once in a while. I will share these delightful memories and also a few tips or Golden Rules for Drinking Alcohol based on my own experience.

I have already shared GOLDEN RULE NO. 1 on my Blog.
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As I said, there is a saying in the Navy – Officers never get drunk, they only feel nice. So how do you make sure you don’t get drunk but feel nice too. It is simple. Just follow this golden rule: DRINK ONE GLASS OF WATER BEFORE YOU START DRINKING and then DRINK ONE GLASS OF WATER AFTER YOUR LAST DRINK. After that proceed for having your food and do not drink alcohol (even wines) with your meal or after your meal. Have dessert or pudding, especially something milk based like ice cream. End your meal with a glass of water (never have liqueurs or brandy if you have had drinks before dinner – in case you are fond of liqueurs do enjoy them after a relaxed meal which has not been preceded or accompanied by alcohol).  

And while you are having your drinks if you ever feel that you are getting tipsy, just interrupt your drinking and have a glass of cold water. 

Personally, I recommend choosing your drink as per the colour of the day (light colour drinks like Vodka, Gin and Beer in daytime), Whisky with plenty of bubbly Soda in the evening as a sundowner with the setting sun and dark Rum, Whisky or Brandy at night. I always drank my whisky or rum with plenty of water and avoided cocktails and “down-the-hatch” shots. Yes, never “down-the-hatch” or gulp your drink in a hurry. If you are drinking a rich brandy or single malt whisky neat, drink unhurriedly, take a small sip, close your eyes and roll the liquor on your tongue, in a relaxed manner, savour every sip as it slowly warms your insides and elevates your spirits -  मज़ा लेना है पीने का तो कम कम धीरे धीरे पी 

Try it – a glass of cold water before you start and a glass of cold water after your last drink. A sure-fire way to feel nice but avoid getting drunk. Breathtaking in its simplicity, isn’t it? It works – you can take my word for it.

Remember the navy adage – officers are never drunk, they only feel nice.

So if you must drink, enjoy the experience and make sure you feel nice but don’t get drunk.


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